Survey of online retailer/fulfilment house

Survey of online retailer/fulfillment houseRecolight studied the extent of online freeriding in the UK.  To do this, Recolight chose an online retailer/fulfillment house, and ran a search on “LED bulb”.  This revealed the following:

  • 91 of first 120 records were freeriders (The producer was not listed on the UK register of WEEE compliant companies, published monthly by the Environment Agency)
  • Of those 91 freeriders:
    • 15 were EU based
    • 2 were US based
    • 74 were China/Hong Kong based
  • Of those 91 freeriders:
    • 65 had product available for next day delivery.  This implies that the non-compliant stock was already held in a UK based warehouse.
    • Virtually all items listed were multi-packs of LED bulbs, with large numbers of recent English language reviews, implying large numbers of sales.

The study was completed in September 2017.

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