Survey shows free lamp recycling saves businesses money

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Benefits of free lamp recycling

We recently carried out a survey of 121 of our 1,100 collection points to find out the level of satisfaction with our service, and we found some interesting results. The survey revealed that the majority of businesses were saving time and money by recycling business waste lamps through Recolight.

Of those surveyed, 62% had saved money and 73% had saved themselves time as a direct result of their collection point service.

Satisfaction amongst the collection points was high, with 89% of respondents stating that they were happy with the lamp collection service, and 85% stating that they would recommend Recolight to other businesses looking to recycle lamps. We are committed to expanding recycling facilities for all, and are working hard to ensure that anyone who would like free lamp recycling can benefit from our service.

Helping customers to recycle

Businesses also found that the service provided value for their customers too, with 97% of those surveyed stating that their customers had benefitted from the collection point being present. Perhaps most interestingly 53% of those surveyed felt that they had generated new business through having a Recolight collection facility on site.

We are pleased to see these survey results, as they show that businesses are becoming increasingly aware of the benefits of the free services available to them through Recolight.

Suzanne Castine

Marketing Manager, Recolight - - As well as being in charge of effective communication and driving up membership of the Recolight WEEE scheme, Suzanne is chair of the Eucolight Marketing and Communication working group; a platform for sharing best practice with EU member state Producer Compliance Schemes.



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