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The folding high bay from waste plastic

RAB Lighting L34

A HIGH BAY luminaire which folds up to save on space and packaging and is partly made with waste plastic, has been unveiled by RAB Lighting.

The L34 features a collapsing wing design made up of two articulating panels that house the LEDs on either side of the main body.

When retracted, the L34 has a more compact shape which reduces the space and materials needed when packaging and shipping the high bay light.

Adjusting the wing angles also allows the light to target specific areas, reducing the number of lights needed to fill up a space.

The compact design not only optimises the space that the luminaire uses but also shrinks the packaging. This has a domino effect where space savings translates into savings in materials and costs, creating a more economical and resource-conscious product.

US firm RAB also boasts that the L34 is made with up to 30 per cent re-melted plastic that’s leftover from injection moulding other products.

The company also points out that the LEDs also don’t have plastic lens covers, further reducing not only the amount of plastic used but even the energy consumed in manufacturing the lights.

The light, which echos sci-fi space portals and alien ships, was designed by Glen Oross and Peter On.

RAB described the product as ‘a good example of how even simple redesigns can have a ripple effect on improving a product’s sustainability and performance.

‘To some extent, that redesign also gives the bay light a rather distinctive form, as if suggesting that this is the lighting of the future.’

The L34 comes in a cool colour temperature of 5000K and is available in two power options. The 100W version delivers 13,500 lm (135 lm/W) while the 160W version has a lumen package of 21,000 lm. The two options are designed to replace traditional 250W and 400W metal halide high bays respectively.

Ray Molony

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