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The spotlight designed to be circular

Spot light VIVO II from Zumtobel

THE VIVO II from Zumtobel has been designed to be circular ‘from the ground up’, says the manufacturer.

The range has been designed for circularity, longevity and a minimised environmental footprint.

Zumtobel teamed up with innovative industrial design practice EOOS to create what it terms a conscious counter-trend to the many ‘one-short-life’ spotlights on the market.

VIVO II explodedOver 90 per cent of the material used in the luminaire can be reused.

It’s built to order in a high efficiency automated process, with short end-to-end supply routes.

The housing and optics are specially treated for longevity and re-use at the end of its first life.

All electronic components are easily replaceable and upgradeable.

A special flexible service model enables the maintenance, repair, upgrading and eventual re-use of the light.

Even the single-material packaging is fully biodegradable and will compost in 45 days.

The control system is completely integrated into the spotlight housing using either an in-house adapter or an in-track adapter. It’s switchable and dimmable using either DALI or Bluetooth®, including beacon control.

The reflector can be replaces easily and intuitively in a matter of seconds without having to use tools.

vivo II

The multi-functional front ring combines various functions including glare control, personalisation and integration of accessories.

It can also be fully replaced thanks to modular design

The company has also taken care to make it easy to retroactively integrate accessories.

Colour spectrums include tunableWhite, two ‘fashion’ modules (Fashion and Extra White) and six food modules.

The hinge is easy to use, can be precisely adjusted and has a long service life.

The spotlight has now been entered in the lighting category of this year’s Build Back Better Awards and will be assessed by the judges in the coming months.

Ray Molony

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