UK amidst the top recycling of Lamps in Europe

For the second consecutive year, the United Kingdom has been identified as the second largest recycler of lamps in Europe. Figures released by leading European lighting recycling schemes show that in 2014 the UK collected and processed 6,368 tonnes of lamps, second only to Germany which treated over 7,500 tonnes in 2014.

Germany, UK, France, Italy, Spain and the Netherlands are among the leading recyclers in Europe, all contributing significantly to the 26,300 tonnes of lamps collected and processed in 2014 (out of those reviewed).

The latest annual lamp recycling data for eight European countries:


2014 Lamp Recycling (tonnes)

Germany 7,552
UK 6,368
France 4,780
Italy 2,502
Spain 2,420
Netherlands 1,700
Denmark 765
Romania 213

Table 1 – European Recycling Platform data

The tonnage of lamps collected in the UK in 2014 was over 500 tonnes higher than in 2013.  Welcoming the news, Recolight CEO Nigel Harvey said “As the UK’s leading WEEE compliance scheme for lighting, Recolight has contributed significantly to the increase in UK lamp recycling.  To date, Recolight has recycled over 36,000 tonnes of lamps, LEDs and luminaires, more than all other UK PCSs put together.”

Recolight’s Producer membership has grown in 2015 by 24 new Members, its highest membership growth since 2007.




The UK lamp recycling tonnages include obligated and non-obligated waste lamps as reported by the Environment Agency.

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