WEEE Compliance is about more than ticking a box

Join the Recolight WEEE Compliance SchemeRecolight Members recognise that WEEE compliance is about more than just ticking a box. They are actively committed to protecting the environment. Simplicity for our Producer Members and for their customers is one of the reasons why Recolight’s membership continues to grow.

Why Recolight is different

We recycle

Most UK WEEE schemes with a lighting obligation meet their targets by buying evidence notes from recyclers, or other schemes. Evidence notes confirm a quantity of waste has been recycled.

Recolight  meet targets entirely by organising the collection and recycling of waste lighting. We offer a free collection and recycling service – an invaluable solution for our Members, their customers, and end users. We use the waste we collect to meet our targets. We know exactly where the waste we collect has come from, and how and where it gets recycled.

Offering free recycling increases recycling rates

Free recycling service

Research has shown that electrical contractors believe recycling rates would decline if they were required to pay for recycling when lamps reach end of life.
That clearly means it is essential to offer a recycling service for the end user that is free at the point of use.

Charging made simple

charging made simpleRecolight’s straightforward approach to charging contrasts to the complexities of traditional WEEE schemes. Our approach is to apply a flat fee based on actual in-year sales.

You have no hidden costs and no need to consider the consequences of market share changes and the compliance fee; making budgeting simple.

WEEE support you

Recolight team of WEEE expertsNavigating the complexities of WEEE compliance can be daunting. At Recolight we understand that WEEE reporting and recycling is not you core business. That’s why we have a Team of WEEE experts to help you along the way. From helping you declare your data correctly, to supporting your sales team in delivering the right free recycling message to your customers. Think of us as your compliance department.


Join the WEEE Scheme that set the standard

The best solution for WEEE and lighting

What our Members say about us

As the world gets greener, we at Ledvance believe now more than ever that our Recolight partnership is the only way to ensure that we lead the way as a lighting supplier in an environmentally sustainable manner, not only to conform with legislation but mainly due to our responsibility to all living things on this planet of ours. WEEE allows this to happen and Recolight has proven over many years that they are best suited to this outcome.
Nelo Neves, Sales Director at LEDVANCE

At Sylvania Lighting we are committed to providing our customers with the best possible solutions – and that includes a comprehensive recycling service. That’s why our membership of the Recolight scheme is important to us. The Recolight network has over 3,000 collection points covering the whole of the UK. That means our customers, wherever they are, can all access a free recycling service.
David Neale, Marketing Manager, Sylvania UK

At Tungsram we are committed to lighting the environment in the greenest way possible. This is why the Recolight membership is of critical importance to us.  They not only meet, but exceed our obligations to recycling lighting equipment and are true advocates in the WEEE legislation. We are proud to be associated with Recolight as they are action-oriented.  They are prepared to fight for what is right and this is demonstrated from customer service right up to the CEO.
David Nauth, Commercial Director, Tungsram Group

Through circular design, reuse and recycling, upgradability and operational energy management, Signify seeks to ensure the lowest environmental footprint for our customers. Working with Recolight helps us deliver on this commitment by providing our customers with a comprehensive recycling service.
John Gorse Technical Solutions Manager, Signify

Recolight’s efficient waste street lighting collection service means ASD Lighting can satisfy our customers recycling needs with the minimum of fuss. We can confidently leave Recolight to manage our customers projects on our behalf, leaving us free to get on with running our business.
Nathan French  Director of Street Lighting, ASD Lighting PLC.

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