WEEE compliance – why lamp recycling should be free for end users

The WEEE regulations require producers of electrical equipment to take responsibility for recycling their products at the end of life. This is known as Extended Producer Responsibility.

Since the early 1990’s Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) has proven to be a vital tool in increasing recycling rates. EPR policies extend producers’ responsibility beyond the consumption stage of a product’s life-cycle. Producers are made responsible for the correct management of the waste arising from their products.

In the UK there are around 35 WEEE compliance schemes all operating different business models. Recolight’s operating model is unique for WEEE lighting. Recolight scheme members pay a small fee to Recolight for each lighting unit they sell.  Funds are used to provide a free lamp and luminaire collection and recycling service for the customers of members.  Other schemes usually don’t provide a recycling service – they simply buy certificates from recyclers.

Recolight still come across many companies that are charged for waste lamp recycling.  All too often, they are not aware that under the WEEE regulations, they can access a free recycling service, funded by lamp producers.

The Recolight lamp recycling service


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