WEEE Consultation

The long anticipated government consultation on the new WEEE regulations has been announced.

It includes 23 questions for respondents.  Of those, over half are technical questions concerned with proposals for changing the current household WEEE system.  Recolight is delighted that changes are proposed.  The current system is fundamentally flawed, and the two options that BIS are minded to implement would both result in a better and fairer system.

BIS WEEE consultation & the lighting industry

There are important questions for the lighting sector.  In particular, there is a proposal that LED and gas discharge lamps be included in the same WEEE category.  We fully agree with the proposal.  LED lamps and gas discharge lamps both perform the same function, although with different technologies.  In most EU member states, both are already in the same category.  Putting them in the same category makes targets achievable, and prevents gas discharge lamps from becoming an orphan waste stream as there is a growing move towards LED.

BIS WEEE consultation & the Joint Trade Association

Recolight has joined forces with eight trade associations and three other producer-led WEEE compliance schemes in the Joint Trade Associations (JTA).

The JTA issued a statement supporting the BIS proposals for a new WEEE system.  Recolight fully supports the JTA announcement.

Recolight is running a series of four seminars, with the LIA and Lumicom, for all in the lighting industry on 29 April to 2 May.

Please follow this link to find out more about the LIA seminars

The BIS consultation closes on 21 June, and we would encourage all Producers of lighting equipment to respond.

Link to BIS WEEE consultation paper

Recolight Public Relations Team

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