Wholesalers & benefit of offering a WEEE recycling service

corporate social responsibility and environmental policiesAn increased awareness of the need to recycle to protect our environment has seen many businesses adopting corporate social responsibility and environmental policies. This means they will want to be confident that their waste is being disposed of correctly.

Electrical distributors and wholesalers who can demonstrate that electrical and hazardous waste is being properly recycled can use this to their advantage.

Demonstrating that your business is taking its environmental responsibilities seriously is an important way of attracting new business, and companies that can better help their customers meet their own environmental goals will have an edge over the competition.

Benefits of promoting FREE lamp recycling

Wholesalers with an open collection point in the Recolight network have experienced an increase in business, especially with customers buying products to replace that which is being recycled.

  • Showing that you are offering a service that helps local businesses and consumers deal with waste lamps may encourage those businesses to come back to you to buy more lamps. It may also be unique in your local area.
  • Offering additional services and adding customer value are key for businesses looking to identify ways of retaining their customer base whilst attracting new ones.

EEE recycle lamps batteries and electricalsYour regular customers

If your customers collect large quantities of waste lamps, to save them the hassle of bringing these back to you, we could set them up as a Recolight collection point. If they collect 1000 lamps every three months the container is free, if less than that, we have a lease option.

One-off collections

If you have a customer planning a building relamp we provide an ad-hoc collection service. This service is free for quantities over 1000 lamps.

Battery and Electrical items

Operating as a not for profit organisation, Recolight offer a recycling service for other electricals covered by the WEEE Regulations – and batteries too – at a competitive cost.


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