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World first as London firm prints lights from wood

3D wood printed lights

A London-based design company says it has become the first in the world to 3D print lights from wood.

Hagen Hinderdael prints the Cocoon range of pendant luminaires and table lamps from sawdust bound together with lignin, a plant-based polymer. The light source is an ultra-slim OLED panel.

The firm says the lights are extremely environmentally friendly, as they reduce timber waste and are fully degradable.

‘We believe this is an innovative way to reduce timber waste through rethinking deforestation and the take and make production process,’ says practice co-founder Sofia Hagen. ‘From the form through to its materiality and manufacturing, we sought to develop a product that is not only eco-friendly but fully degradable.

‘The sculptural form of Cocoon has been developed to resemble an organic structure that speaks to the natural materials being used and creates an opportunity for beautiful protrusions to throw shadows of light on to the surrounding surfaces.’

The shell is made of 3d printed sawdust and has been developed in collaboration with ForustTM, a new 3d printing process by Desktop Metal that produces functional end-use wood parts through high-speed manufacturing.

The Shop System Forust Edition is a 3D printer which has been adapted to print with unfinished sawdust, by-product of wood milling.

Once out of the printer, each piece is hand-stained and finished. It can de stained to resemble a variety of wood species including natural, oak, teak, and walnut.

The OLED panel sits effortlessly within the cap of the Cocoon light dispersing light uniformly across the pendant with a soft, warm glow at a colour temperature of 3000K.

Hagen says she believes the Cocoon range raises awareness on the important social impact of deforestation. The company donates a percentage of each sale to reforestation initiatives.

Hagan, a former designer at Heatherwick Studios, and her business partner trained as architects and urban designers.

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• Photography copyright Anders Gramer

Ray Molony

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