Recolight encourages Local Authorities to return commercial waste lamps to HWRCs

Recolight currently collects waste lamps from a significant proportion of the UK’s Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRCs).  The company is today writing to all its Local Authority Partners, to confirm that they may choose to deposit waste lamps from commercial sources in Recolight containers.  These could include schools, offices, leisure centres and similar.

This change should result in significant cost savings to Local Authorities, as they may well be charged for such commercial waste lamp collections, whereas collections from HWRCs are free of charge.


CEO calls for free lamp recycling for all collectors of waste lamps

Recolight reviews five years of WEEE growth

CEO calls for free lamp recycling for all collectors of waste lamps.

Recolight, the UK’s leading WEEE compliance scheme for lighting, has this week celebrated its growth and the changes to WEEE over the last five years.  Since 2011, Recolight’s producer membership has more than doubled, from up from 73 at the end of 2010, to 180.  And since it was established in 2007, Recolight has now recycled over a quarter of a billion lamps.  That is equivalent to almost one lamp recycled per second, every second.


Recolight expands free of charge lamp recycling services

Recolight is expanding its lamp recycling service by lowering the threshold companies need to meet to qualify for free of charge lamp recycling. Previously businesses had to collect 2000 lamps every three months to be eligible to receive free of charge collection services.  But now businesses collecting 1000 or more lamps every three months can also benefit from Recolight’s free collection services.


Recolight appoints two new Chair and board members

Recolight, the leading UK WEEE compliance scheme for the lighting industry, is pleased to announce the appointment of two new board directors.

Andreas Adam, Senior Director at OSRAM AG joins the Recolight board to replace Julian Schaub, who retains other responsibilities within OSRAM. Andreas has considerable knowledge of the WEEE directive and its implementation in a number of other EU Member States.


WEEE lamp recycling

UK Lamp recycling rate leaps ahead in 2015

Recolight, the UK’s leading lighting compliance scheme, has welcomed the publication yesterday of the UK’s 2015 national WEEE recycling data.  The data, released by the Environment Agency (EA), shows a significant growth in the lamp collection rate in 2015.


EucoLight Managers Confernece 2016

First EucoLight conference looks at Circular Economy and LED recycling

EucoLight, the association of European Lighting WEEE compliance schemes held its first annual Conference and General Assembly this month in Chantilly, France.

The conference objective was to review and respond to the recycling challenges and opportunities of evolving lamp and lighting equipment.  Insight was received from the 60 delegates representing 16 lighting WEEE compliance scheme members of EucoLight and experts from European lighting manufacturers.READ MORE >

EA data shows Recolight is UK’s fastest growing WEEE Scheme in 2015

During 2015, the Recolight WEEE compliance scheme membership increased more than any other UK scheme.  Analysis of Environment Agency data released this week shows Recolight had net growth of 23 producers between the end of 2014, and the beginning of 2016.  That is also Recolight’s biggest annual increase recorded since the scheme was established in 2007.READ MORE >



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