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3D printing firm will buy back its downlights

LumiAdd Heilis downlight

A UK firm which prints its downlight range in bio-plastics says it will buy back its luminaires at the end of their first life.

LumiAdd has also expanded and updated its Heilis range. It is now available in four sizes in a range of colour temperatures and beam angles. Adjustable, wall-wash and square versions have also been added to the range.

LumiAdd products are rated as attaining ‘excellent’ circularity, the highest rating in Cibse’s TM66 assessment category, and they also have a significantly lower carbon footprint than any other luminaire of this type on the market today, says the firm.

 In addition to the focus on designing the range for a circular economy with a low carbon footprint, LumiAdd has also put efficacy at the forefront, with all luminaires in the range achieving over 100 luminaire lumens per circuit watt (LLM/CW). All components are available in white, black and 180 classic RAL colours.

Leeds-based LumiAdd says that 3D printing to orders results in zero waste and enables unconstrained design innovation. It also enables the company to manufacture and assemble in the UK helping to lower each product’s carbon footprint.

Luminaire components can be manufactured in the same location where final assembly is completed, greatly reducing transport related carbon emissions.

Furthermore, says the firm, it supports a localised workforce and empowers the development of modern technology skill sets.

With the manufacturing process of 3D printing, there is no requirement for hard tooling, eliminating the need for stock holding and subsequently reduces any potential waste through product obsolescence and product evolutions.

It future proofs product maintenance and re-manufacture, as replacement parts can be produced in required volumes with no time constraints.

Any design evolutions can be easily integrated without the need for lengthy and costly tooling modifications.

The luminaires are designed to be re-used, repaired and re-manufactured, with recycling or industrial composting being the last option.

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