WEEE Compliance & more

Recolight WEEE Compliance Member badgeProducers of lighting equipment have an opportunity to review their WEEE scheme at the end of each year. The WEEE regulations require producers to commit to membership of a scheme for a whole calendar year.  But some of the WEEE schemes used by lighting producers have exceptionally long notice periods.  Which means that unless companies serve notice before the end of 2023, they are committed to membership of their existing WEEE scheme until 2026.

Once notice has been served, moving schemes is very straightforward.  All reported put on market data is held by the environment agencies, so there is no need for data resubmissions.  And moving schemes may well allow producers to do far more to achieve their sustainability goals.

More than WEEE Compliance

The increased focus on the circular economy places a clear spotlight on the services and information that WEEE schemes provide. Re-assessing the fit between business strategy and WEEE scheme services has never been more important, to ensure that manufacturers are not locked into a scheme that does not prioritise circularity.

Working with the lighting industry, Recolight offer support and services to help their Producer Members transition to a Circular Economy. With a Reuse Service, workshops, webinars, Circular Lighting report, and Circular Lighting Live, Recolight is the Compliance Scheme that gives much more.

At Recolight, we go beyond our strict legal obligations:

  • by providing a recycling service for all business lamps and luminaires in scope of the WEEE regulations.
  • This service is free for our Producer Members and their customers.

We can do this because we operate as a not for profit organisation.

You can promote your membership of the UK’s leading lighting compliance scheme to your customers; the scheme that has recycled more GDLs, LEDs and luminaires in total than all other UK schemes put together.

Avoiding unnecessary recycling

Recolight is under a legal obligation to prioritise re-use over recycling, so we need to facilitate and encourage reuse. Recolight have launched the Reuse Hub with the aim to reduce unnecessary recycling of lighting not at the end of its life.


About your Compliance membership

  • Your annual put on market data is automatically collated through the WEEE Black Box.
    This is transferred to the EA in full compliance with the WEEE regulations.
  • Reporting is per unit put on market which means you have no hidden costs and can forecast what you will be charged each month.
  • You have confidence that your WEEE compliance is properly and professionally handled.

Giving you more

  • We can provide a recycling service at your site for you and your customers to use.*
  • We will update you with information regarding changes to the UK’s WEEE regulations.
  • We will lobby on your behalf to make sure the WEEE regulations are right and fair for lighting.
  • A dedicated customer service team managing over 750 waste lamp and luminaire collections per month.
  • UK wide network of over 3200 lamp collection points; giving our Producer Members and their customers access to FREE recycling.
  • We are committed to increasing the recycling rate of lamps and luminaires.

*Subject to minimum requirements.

Suzanne Castine

Marketing Manager, Recolight - www.recolight.co.uk - As well as being in charge of effective communication and driving up membership of the Recolight WEEE scheme, Suzanne is chair of the Eucolight Marketing and Communication working group; a platform for sharing best practice with EU member state Producer Compliance Schemes.