Recolight tender for WEEE lamp treatment is open

Recolight have opened an  Invitation to Tender. This is to suppliers to enter into agreements with Recolight Ltd for the supply of treatment services in respect of gas discharge and LED lamps in full compliance with the requirements of the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Regulations 2013 (SI  No. 3113) and other relevant legislation.

A tender designed for objectivity and equality of all parties

The Recolight tender model supports our multiple-supplier sourcing policy, in order to maintain an ongoing competitive market, with equal and fair consideration for all qualified suppliers..

This ITT is designed to allow respondents to make offers for the tonnes available for treatment that are produced by the Recolight collection network.

The Recolight tender process

Each respondent is free to make an offer in line with the rules of the tender process.  Unless otherwise advised, financial offers must be made via an independently developed online portal, details of which will be supplied to all bidders one week before the date of submission.  This portal will give each bidder a real-time indication of the likely final outcome to that bidder and will allow each bidder the opportunity to reduce the price they bid.

Awards under the tender are made on the basis of both price and quality scores.  The online portal combines both scores to make indicative tonnage awards.

It is expected that contracts for treatment will be awarded for periods of 2 years, depending on the offers made.  All contracts will be reviewed, typically, every 6 months in respect of performance of the contract. Detailed conditions of contracts e.g. termination, arbitration etc will be determined as part of the final phase of the process and are outlined in the draft contract sent out to shortlisted respondents. All offers are subject to final agreement and signing of contracts.

To receive the Invitation to Tender please email

Indicative timetable for tender

This may be subject to change.

25/11/2019        Deadline for submission of responses

16/12/2019        e-tender(s) commence at 10.00

23/12/2019        Successful bidders confirmed


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