The Recolight tender process

Recolight’s tender process is designed to achieve openness and fairness, consistent with good commercial outcomes. There are separate documented processes for both logistics and treatment tenders which detail all steps taken.

A fair tender process acting on feedback

Our logistics and treatment tender outcomes are determined by a combination of both quality and cost criteria. We ask for feedback from tenderers and may adjust the way we tender based on the feedback we receive. An example would be longer a contract duration being a direct result of feedback from suppliers who indicated that extended contract terms give them additional security and more opportunity for long term investment. A right of appeal is offered to suppliers who may feel a need to challenge the outcome.  If this happens, the Recolight CEO hears the appeal.

A tender process open to all

Between tenders, we seek to identify potential new suppliers to ensure that we maintain a sufficient level of competition for our work and to ensure that we have security of service through alternative supplier options to cover our work, should any need to stop serving us for any reason.

We always welcome participation from new bidders, managing risk to operational performance by carrying out trials with them first wherever possible, and limiting the maximum share of our business that can be won by new suppliers.

Tenders – sealed bids and online bidding

Recolight logistics services are tendered using a traditional tender model with sealed bids being sent to us and opened on a set date.

Recolight treatment services are tendered using an online tender system, where participants simultaneously bid for treatment lots. This gives the opportunity for bidders to improve their offer for a lot depending on their desire to win. For example, success in one lot may encourage a bidder to make higher offers for other lots, with the converse of course also being possible.

Monitoring the performance of Recolight suppliers

Recolight monitor the performance of Suppliers closely in a number of different ways:

  • Audits on a risk-based approach, with key suppliers being audited at least once per year – more often if any issues are identified requiring corrective actions.
  • Weekly and monthly KPI’s are monitored and suppliers are provided with their own bench-marked performance alongside other operators (anonymised). They also receive the backing data they need to help them understand the results and work on improving them where necessary.

As well as to monitor ongoing supplier performance, these KPI’s are used to help determine the quality element of a participant’s tender score.


Recolight Marketing and Communications

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