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Ecopassports: Latest lighting rules unveiled

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THE LATEST edition of the PEP Ecopassport rules governing lighting and electrical products has been unveiled.

Edition 4 of the Product Category Rules (PCR) covering electrical and electronic equipment has been published in Paris this month.

Backed by LightingEurope and used by major brands such as iGuzzini, the PEP Ecopassport is an environmental declaration programme with growing influence in the European lighting industry.

The Product Category Rules are common rules for all products in a category while Product Specific Rules (PSR) cover one area, such as lighting.

The main objective of the rewrite was to integrate the new requirements and recommendations of European standards including EN 50693: 2019 which concern electrical and electronic equipment and EN 15804 + A2 : 2019 which cover construction products.

The document has also been updated to reflect the requirements of France’s environmental regulation RE2020.

New features include the introduction of the declared unit, the breakdown of module B (use phase) and the inclusion of benefits and costs beyond the product’s life cycle (module D).

It’s also now possible to specify the distribution market for the products affected by the PEP.

The PSRs that complete the PCR, including those for lighting, will be gradually updated.

LightingEurope secretary general Ourania Georgoutsakou described the revision of the lighting rules as ‘a very challenging task’ due to the complexity of the lighting market and the time constraints.

‘Luminaires are used in many different applications and there are many different products and suppliers on the market.

‘Devising a methodology that can take into account the variations among luminaires used on streets or tunnels, in offices, at home or in a swimming pool, to name just a few examples, and that will not penalise the legitimate design and material choices determined by the specifications for each of these products, is a daunting task.’

Ray Molony

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