Extending the life of luminaires Recolight Webinar on 7 Oct 2021

Extending the life of luminaires

Extending the life of luminaires 7 Oct webinar

The need to no longer see luminaires as a single life product has been widely discussed in the Recolight Webinar series. It is encouraging to see that progress is being made, and that lighting is becoming part of the circular economy.

This webinar introduces three initiatives intended to extend the life of luminaires

  • Upgrading existing fittings. (The Regen Initiative)
  • Avoiding the disposal of unsold stock (New Recolight service)
  • Diverting waste fittings for remanufacture and resale (New Recolight service)Extending the life of luminaires _ Panel for Recolight Webinar on 7 Oct

Introduced and chaired by Ray Molony, Build Back Better Awards,

We hear from:

Defra’s plans for encouraging and incentivising reuse for a Circular Economy.
Graeme Vickery, Senior Policy Officer, Producer Responsibility and Product Regulation at Defra

Compliance considerations for reuse of luminaires
Tom Ruddell, Circular Design Engineer at Egg Lighting

The Regen Initiative –  A joint  venture with Coco Lighting and F Mark
Simon Fisher, Director at F Mark
Glenn Hildyard and Tony Stones, Directors of Coco Lighting

Launch of Recolight’s new services
Recolight is under a legal obligation to prioritise reuse over recycling.  These new services help to fulfil that obligation:

  • Used lighting  – The reuse/remanufacture of used lighting
  • Surplus new lighting – Putting unsold new lighting equipment into service

Nigel Harvey, CEO, Recolight
Francesca Cameron, Collections Development and Membership Coordinator, Recolight


Download the slide pack and watch the replay

Download slide pack for Extending the life of Luminaires


07 Oct 2021




  • Ray Molony
    Ray Molony
    Head of content for Build Back Better Award

    An award-winning technical journalist and a highly experienced event organiser, chairperson, webinar host and public speaker.

    Ray Molony is the editor of the Circular Lighting Report, a Recolight initiative to inform the market of developments in sustainability in the industry. He’s also head of content at the Build Back Better Awards, an initiative to celebrate and reward environmental leadership, innovation, creativity and social purpose in the built environment, and the editor of Designing Lighting Global, a magazine for designers. He was co-founder of Lux magazine and the LuxLive exhibition. He’s also the award-winning author of the acclaimed book, Light: Re-Interpreting Architecture (Rotovision, 2014) which was translated into many languages. He studied engineering at Dublin City University.

  • Nigel Harvey
    Nigel Harvey
    Chief Executive at Recolight

    Nigel has worked in the Product Compliance Industry since 1990 in a variety of senior management roles covering marketing, business development, and operational management. Nigel joined Recolight as Chief Executive and Company Secretary in 2009. He is very active in both the lighting and WEEE sectors:
    • Chair of the UK’s WEEE compliance scheme trade association, the WEEE Scheme Forum (WSF) since 2011, and a director of WSF Ltd since 2013.
    • Nominated as a PCS guest to attend meetings of the Joint Trade Association (JTA) which works with producer trade associations including the LIA, to obtain a fair UK WEEE system. Has supported the JTA in the preparation of the proposals to operate the WEEE compliance fee which have been chosen by Defra in 7 of the last 8 years.
    • Elected as a Director of EucoLight, the European trade association for lighting WEEE compliance schemes in 2015. Elected Vice President of EucoLight in 2017.
    • Member of two BSI committees that include the review of WEEE treatment standards, and the development of a code of practice for the remanufacture of lighting equipment.
    Nigel has published over 40 articles on WEEE and lighting over the last four years. He was named the first ever Lux Magazine Person of the year in 2012 and has been listed as one the UK’s 100 most influential people in the waste/resources industry for several years. He is also a climate activist.

  • Simon Fisher
    Simon Fisher
    Founder & Director of F Mark

    With experience spanning all market sectors, Simon Fisher is a prolific and globally renowned product designer. He is the Founder and Director of F Mark, a design consultancy specialising in the design, development and engineering of lighting products and associated systems.

    In a career spanning more than 30 years, Simon has created an award-winning portfolio of work, where sustainable strategies and circular solutions are at the heart of every product development undertaken.

    Simon is a Fellow of the Society of Light and Lighting and currently holds positions on various technical committees dedicated to creating new legislation relating to sustainable design and the circular economy

  • Tom Ruddell
    Tom Ruddell
    Lead Remanufacture Engineer at EGG Lighting

    Tom is the Lead Remanufacture Engineer at EGG Lighting in Glasgow and has been heavily involved in developing the company’s groundbreaking remanufacture program.

    Tom graduated as an integrated design engineer (MEng) from the University of Bath, where his interest in remanufacture culminated in prototyping an autonomous textile repair system. Having worked in automotive design, R&D consultancy and a sustainability start-up aiming to eradicate microplastic pollution, Tom is a multidisciplinary problem solver and listed inventor with an industry-agnostic mindset.

    Having been focussed on sustainability since a childhood fascination with renewable energy, he believes that the lighting industry can put circularity at the heart of every building in the world.

    EGG Lighting see circularity as a core part of the company’s business model and have worked alongside local and national organisations such as Zero Waste Scotland, Circular Glasgow, the Scottish Institute for Remanufacture and Innovate UK. EGG Lighting was recently awarded the Build Back Better “Gold Green” award for their Remanufacturing process and kicked off the development of a lighting-specific remanufacture standard with the BSi.

  • Glenn Hildyard
    Glenn Hildyard
    Director, Coco Lighting
  • Graeme Vickery
    Graeme Vickery
    Senior Policy Officer, Producer Responsibility and Product Regulation at Defra

    Graeme is the Senior Policy Advisor at the Department of Environment Food and Rural Affairs. He is responsible for Product Regulations and Producer Responsibility.

  • Francesca Cameron
    Francesca Cameron
    Collections Development and Membership Coordinator, Recolight
  • Tony Stones
    Tony Stones
    Director at COCO Lighting
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