Sustainability for lighting manufacturers Recolight webinar 23 March

Taking action: Sustainability for lighting

How to be a sustainable lighting manufacturer (38)

Making and specifying lighting – sustainably

A webinar looking at what manufactures are doing now to be more sustainable, and what specifiers should be looking for to create a more sustainable project.

Our panel address the questions….

  • What realistic measures can lighting manufacturers take to dramatically improve their sustainability?
  • How can companies tackle the responsibility of the carbon footprint they generate while making luminaires?
  • What are the priorities, the ‘quick wins’ and real challenges?

How to be a sustainable lighting manufacturer (41)

Starting with an industry update from Ray Molony, Editor of Circular Lighting Report

We then hear from:

Followed by a panel discussion chaired by Ray, and a Q & A session answering your questions.



23 Mar 2023


11:00 am - 12:30 pm


  • Ray Molony
    Ray Molony
    Head of content for Build Back Better Award

    An award-winning technical journalist and a highly experienced event organiser, chairperson, webinar host and public speaker.

    Ray Molony is the editor of the Circular Lighting Report, a Recolight initiative to inform the market of developments in sustainability in the industry. He’s also head of content at the Build Back Better Awards, an initiative to celebrate and reward environmental leadership, innovation, creativity and social purpose in the built environment, and the editor of Designing Lighting Global, a magazine for designers. He was co-founder of Lux magazine and the LuxLive exhibition. He’s also the award-winning author of the acclaimed book, Light: Re-Interpreting Architecture (Rotovision, 2014) which was translated into many languages. He studied engineering at Dublin City University.

  • Dave Hollingsbee
    Dave Hollingsbee
    Managing Director, Stoane Lighting

    Dave has been Managing Director of Stoane Lighting since 2012. A designer by training, his fascination with making things led him to Stoane Lighting in 1999 where he quickly grew experience in all corners of the business, assisting its growth to the company it is today. Dave is still heavily involved in projects both at home and around the world, contributing to the ever changing design requirements of their luminaires. Most recently he has been working on Stoane Lighting’s B Corp certification and their push towards adopting the Circular Economy, including setting up the ReNew programme and helping start the GreenLight Alliance initiative.

  • Tim Bowes MSLL
    Tim Bowes MSLL
    Head of Lighting Application at Whitecroft Lighting

    I work within the technical team at Whitecroft Lighting with my key responsibilities consisting of technical governance, training (internal and external), lighting design policy, and supporting new product development and project work. I have a high level of technical knowledge and a key problem solver.

    During my career I have proven myself to be reliable, honest and hardworking, with over 15 years of experience in both interior and exterior lighting. I am LIA advanced qualified in both indoor and outdoor lighting as well as a BA Hons degree.
    Within my role I am particularly interested in the influence of light on people and our visual, biological and emotional response. Through research and understanding the current trends within the wider built environment, I look to influence lighting design and share knowledge within Whitecroft Lighting and the wider lighting industry.

  • Zara Drake
    Zara Drake
    Brand Strategy Manager
  • Chaline Church
    Chaline Church
    Founding Partner, MA Interior Architect & Circular Materials Specialist

    Chaline is a Circular Materials Specialist and Interior Architect.

    She has worked in design for over 20 years on corporate brands such as Disney and UNESCO as well as financial, retail, leisure, health and engineering projects. She spearheaded hundreds of world-first products before co-founding health clinics and most recently 540 WORLD, a specialist C2C® circular design consultancy. She combined health and design in her award-winning MA for Interiors Architecture and founded FreeSpace Design for healthy interiors architecture.  Chaline has an authentic focus on optimising wellness through the use of C2C Certified® materials in the built environment to create non-toxic spaces for healthy futures.

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