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Firm uses AI and waste plastic to print ‘works of art’

LumiBuilder AI 3D printed lights

A start-up company is combining the use of AI technology, 3D printing and post-consumer waste to create what it terms ‘luminous works of art’.

LumiBuilder is promising that its Waste to Wonder philosophy will allow unprecedented customisation for its customers and lead to hundreds of variations to suit different spaces, ‘all with the guarantee of sustainable, socially responsible design’.

The company – launched by lighting industry executives Kuldeep Vali, Paul Taylor, Tanil Patel and Dr Mai Abdelsalam Soliman – has unveiled its first offer, a 3D printed pendant based on the honeycomb, which it terms ‘nature’s own engineering masterpiece’.

It describes the light as a ‘glowing testament’ to its Waste to Wonder philosophy and one that echoes the efficiency and beauty of the beehive.

It says its lamp shades can be recycled multiple times, significantly reducing the carbon footprint associated with production and shipping.

LumiBuilder’s business model is, it says, to 3D print its products locally, close to its clients, through a network of partners, which will significantly reduce the carbon footprint associated with shipping.

‘Each product will be a step towards a greener earth, a testament to the power of sustainable innovation.

We’re changing the industry paradigm, moving from a supply-based model with physical inventories to an on-demand digital realm of lighting products.’

‘We founded to revolutionise the lighting industry, not only by introducing cutting-edge AI and 3D printing technologies but by anchoring our mission in the principles of the circular economy.

‘Each of us, with our unique strengths, contributes to a singular vision: to create lighting solutions that are as kind to the planet as they are empowering to every creator.

‘ isn’t just a business; it’s our collective response to the urgent call for environmentally responsible design in a world that demands it.

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