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Lamp launches circular lighting service

Lamp SA CircuLight

Spanish luminaire giant Lamp has unveiled a light renewal and upgrading service aimed at promoting what it terms ‘a genuine circular economy’.

Dubbed CircLight, the offer will result of savings of 15 to 30 per cent compared to the expense of purchasing and installing new luminaires, says the Barcelona-based firm.

‘This service will extend the lifespan of luminaires,’ David Testar, Lamp’s director of operations, told the Circular Lighting Report.’The technological upgrade of lighting is quicker, quieter and cleaner than uninstalling and installing new lighting systems.

‘Additionally, installation times are cut by between 20 and 30 per cent, and what’s more, the lighting quality and users’ well-being are enhanced by integrating the latest technological advancements.’

Lamp points out that by the reconditioning rather than replacing luminaires, the environmental impact of the building is minimised by avoiding waste generation, and CO2 emissions are reduced both through decreased energy consumption and the reuse and updating of installed products.

An initial assessment explores the feasibility of upgrading and its potential

environmental impact. This is followed by the recovery of the installed luminaires and a technical analysis to assess and identify the type of work that needs to be carried out.

The firm will then typically develop and make the necessary ‘Plug&Play’ modules for incorporation into the unit. This is followed by the necessary quality assurance, including electrical and mechanical laboratory testing.

The final stage is the issuing of a warranty extension and the necessary certification.

‘From our ongoing commitment to making the lighting industry more sustainable and environmentally positive, from the recognition of lighting as a crucial element for enhancing people’s well-being and from our firm dedication to innovation projects, seeing them as integral and systematic processes within our value chain, out of all this, Circulight has emerged,’ said Lamp CEO Ignasi Cusidó. ‘This new service aligned with our key strategic objectives, and one in which we are already investing all our care, effort, dedication and work’.

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