The WEEE regulations – a bit about what is in scope

All lamp types, such as all types of fluorescents (tubes, compact fluorescents), HID (high intensity discharge), all retrofit LED, LED tape/strips sold on their own, and end user replaceable LED modules are in scope.

Refer to the Recoligt Resource Centre for a full list

However, some lamps are classified as B2C and some others B2B. See below.

Only incandescent and halogen lamps are out of scope of the Regulations.

Household and non-household classifications

The basic rule that for a light source in scope of the WEEE regulations is dependent on its  use

  • Non-household – used for a commercial environment.
  • Household –  used in the home and commercial environment – also referred to as Dual Use

Non-Household lighting

Luminaires designed and used for a solely commercial environment (B2B) are currently in scope. These include luminaires used in offices, warehouses, car parks, street lighting, area floodlighting.

Household lighting

Household decorative luminaires, and luminaires which could be used in a household AND a commercial environment come into scope in January 2019

These include products like:

  • spot lights which could be used in retail shops but also could be used in kitchens/bathrooms
  • batten fittings which could be used in shops but also in garages/kitchens,
  • low wattage 2D type fittings which could be used in a commercial setting as well as household amenity lighting/in bathrooms.

The rule of thumb is that if it could be used in a home, then it is a household luminaire.

LED tape

LED tape sold on their own, without any form of operating device (driver) or power cables are classified as Lamps in the Regulations, they are always in scope and to be reported.

LED tape sold with a driver and power cables, so the system will work if you simply plug it into the mains supply, is classified as a Luminaire.

If the Luminaire can only be used in a commercial environment, it is in scope of the Regulations as a Non-Household Luminaire.

If it can be used in a domestic environment, then it is classified as a Household Luminaire and will be in scope from January 2019.

Lighting ballasts and drivers

Ballasts and drivers when sold on their own are classified as components. Components are out of scope of the WEEE regulations.

They do not have to be reported into the WEEE system as EEE.

They ARE in scope when fitted into a luminaire, and so must be treated as WEEE when the luminaire comes back for recycling. As they have not been reported as EEE in the first place, Recolight cannot offer a free collection service.

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