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Low carbon mini spot delivers 150 luminaire lumens/Watt

Fagerhult Streamer Mini

Fagerhult has unveiled a mini version of its long-established Streamer spotlight range which delivers 150 luminaire lumens/Watt.

The company says it has reduced the embodied carbon, increased the operational efficiencies and enhanced the lit effect.

The lumen output is high for this format of a luminaire from a major manufacturer.

Compared to earlier versions of LED technology, Streamer Mini will generate the same illumination levels but use up to 50 per cent less energy to achieve it.

Streamer Mini uses 3000K BBBL LED chips with a CRI of 90, channelled by a formatted reflector from Miro. The streamer is available in four different reflector versions, giving a narrow, medium, wide and extra wide-beam.

It is rotatable for a full 360° and tiltable from 50 degrees (recessed version) to 90 degrees (rail-mounted version).

It also has a unique four-step dip switch which allows the user to change the output from 1300 up to 2469 lm simply by flicking a switch on the driver. The dip switches change the standard 500 mA to steps of 400, 350, or 250 mA.

The body is cast from 99 per cent recycled aluminium.

‘With Streamer Mini, we challenged ourselves to take each technical part to the next level,’ Peter Robertsson, Product and Application Manager at Fagerhult, told the Circular Lighting Report.

‘Efficient energy usage is a crucial aspect of sustainable design, both environmentally and economically.

‘In this regard Streamer Mini is peerless, delivering efficiencies more than 150llm/w,” says Robertsson. ‘Accurately reflecting colours with lighting has traditionally required compromise. High colour rending was at the expense of efficiency and warm colour temperatures often made whites appear dull.’

An Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) in accordance with ISO 14025 and EN 15804+A2 is available for the product.

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