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Lucent is climate neutral

Lucent Lighting

Lucent Lighting has announced that’s it’s climate neutral.

The UK downlight manufacturer says it achieved the status by meticulously calculating its carbon footprint and offsetting its total emissions.

The measures it has implemented include a focus on the more efficient use of resources and careful sourcing of goods and services.
The company says that – in line with circular design principles – it maximises the reuse, recycling, and upcycling of materials to ensure minimal waste generation. It says it strives for energy-efficient product designs, focusing on reducing energy consumption during manufacturing, usage, and end-of-life phases.

Each Lucent Lighting product undergoes a life cycle assessment (LCA), minimising environmental impacts and providing a comprehensive environmental report.

‘At Lucent Lighting, sustainability isn’t just a goal,’ says global operations director Lucie Sidwell. ‘It’s the essence of our innovation. We believe in crafting solutions that not only illuminate spaces but also light the way towards a greener, more responsible future.

‘Achieving carbon-neutral status for another year is a testament to our unwavering commitment to environmental stewardship and underscores our belief that every light should leave a positive impact on the world.’ 

In 2021, the company won Gold and Green awards in the prestigious Build Back Better Awards for its TubeLED Mini HE, at the time a major change in the company’s design thinking.

By using standardised components, Lucent can reuse, recycle and upgrade the technology within the same body of the original lighting fixtures.

This, says the company, will allow more of a move from the ‘throw away’ mentality in construction and a change towards a circular economy within the lighting industry.
For the integral LED, Lucent developed a ‘plug and play’ module with an easy-to-install system within the spotlight.

Alongside the modularity of the fixture, it also provides an efficacy of 117 lm/W using only 5.6W of power.

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