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Lyktan unveils ‘fossil fuel free’ pendant made with hemp

Lyktan Superdupertube is made from hemp

Swedish lighting maker Ateljé Lyktan has unveiled a pendant luminaire built with bio materials reinforced with hemp fibres.

Superdupertube – a collaboration with the acclaimed Norwegian architectural practice Snøhetta – has a housing made from the biodegradable polymer polylactic acid (PLA), a material derived from sugarcane.

The PLA is complemented with the addition of hemp fibre, wood cellulose and lime.

The addition of hemp leads to a remarkable decrease in CO2 emissions, says the firm, surpassing 50 per cent when compared to conventional aluminium alternatives.

In comparison with the aluminum, Lyktan estimates that there is a weight saving of 53 per cent.

This means that the light is completely free from fossil oil or gas derivatives. The cable cover is made from natural-coloured pure linen.

LED light source, colour temperature 3000K or 4000K. Colour rendering CRI min. 90 or 80. Lifespan with CLO: L100 50 000 or L100 100 000H.

The use of bio-based polymer in the body, end caps, frame, louvre and suspensions is complemented by the use of cardboard to manufacturer the cable locks and gaskets to prevent light leakage.

Lyktan says it will assists in the recycling of the luminaire at the end of its life.

The extruded profile is designed to allow easy assembly and disassembly, and components can be slid into place without the need for glues. The designers has also minimised the use of screws.

The light distribution is up/down and four different glare shields are available.

The luminaire are available with the wireless controls technology Organic Response, where PIR sensors react to presence and communicate with nearby luminaires through IR and radio waves to efficiently light the space according to the actual need.

The LED light source comes in a choice of colour temperatures – 3000K or 4000K. An Environmental Product Declaration is available for the Superdupertube.

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