Circular Lighting Report

“Manufacturers need to be knowledgeable” Interview with Marci Song

In this Circular Lighting Report video short, editor Ray Molony discusses lighting design and the challenges that practices face when taking on board all the implications of the circular economy. He talks to leading London-based lighting designer Marci Song of SEAM Design about how smaller practices can absorb and implement sustainable lighting design.

‘Manufacturers need to be knowledgeable’, says Song. ‘As designers, we have to rely on manufacturers and sales reps to know their products so well in order to inform us designers when we are making these kinds of responsible decisions when designing.

‘Everyone – architectural designer, lighting designer, the manufacturer and the marketing team – are all kind of different. Everyone has their agendas…but we’re in a position where we have to also educate, we have to somehow get others on board with you so that there’s a shared value across the project and more can be accomplished that way, where there’s more shared goals and shared aspirations for the project from beginning to end so that everyone’s happy.’


Ray Molony

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