Membership of the Recolight WEEE compliance scheme

Recolight member

I am very pleased that Recolight membership continues to grow.  20 new members have joined us in 2015, and our total membership now stands at 155.  As the leading lighting WEEE compliance scheme, there are many reasons why producers join us:

Unique charging method

Our unique per item charge means that household and non-household WEEE costs are spread over the year, and are based on actual current year sales, and not prior year sales.  That makes it far easier for Recolight members to predict their WEEE costs throughout the year.

The leading WEEE scheme

As the UK’s largest WEEE compliance scheme for the lighting industry, Recolight’s Producer Members benefit from significant economies of scale.  As a not-for-profit scheme, those savings are passed on to our members.

A complete lighting waste recycling service

Recolight provides all Full Producer Members the use of a lamp container free of charge at their premises. We also offer a complete free of charge lamp deposit service for both B2B and B2C, using the Recolight network of over 2300 waste collection points.  Customers of Recolight members always have a collection point close at hand, which can be found here.

Producer owned and led

Recolight was set up by, and on behalf of the lighting industry.  Four producer representatives (Philips, Osram, GE lighting, Havells-Sylvania) sit on the Recolight board.  Members of the scheme can therefore be confident that Recolight operates in the best interests of its members.

Influential and connected

Recolight is a member of the LIA.  Recolight staff sit on the BSI and CENELEC committees dealing with WEEE treatment standards.  Recolight also provides the Chair of the WEEE Scheme Forum, and attends the Lighting Europe WEEE committee.  That means Recolight is fully engaged in WEEE at a UK and EU level, ensuring that members get the best possible advice and guidance.

Lamps and luminaires

Recolight collects and recycles lamps and luminaires.  As larger specifiers increasingly require lighting suppliers to take traceable responsibility for all WEEE arising in major LED luminaire roll-outs, so Recolight’s members are at a distinct competitive advantage, as Recolight provides a fully integrated service.


Recolight Marketing and Communications

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