Net Zero Lighting Programme for event held on 2 May 2024


Ayça Donaghy, CEO, The LIA, introduces the conference.


 Net Zero by 2045: A manufacturer’s road map

Tim Bowes, head of lighting application, and Oliver Wallace, sustainability officer, Whitecroft Lighting

How Epson will achieve Net Zero

Taran Rai, corporate sustainability manager.

Epson UK Electronics giant Epson has pledged to reduce its total emissions in line with the 1.5°C scenario by 2023 and become carbon negative by 2050. Here Taran Rai, corporate sustainability manager, Epson UK, outlines how the ambitious targets will be achieved.

Our Net Zero journey: what worked, what didn’t

Nigel Harvey, CEO, Recolight.

Lighting industry WEEE compliance body Recolight supports and advises its members on recycling, circularity and sustainability. But does it ‘walk the walk’ itself? The organisation has been taking measures to minimise its carbon footprint, with mixed results. Here CEO Nigel Harvey shares its successes – and its mistakes along the way.


Green certification marks: A summary

Bob Bohannon, head of policy and sustainability, The LIA.

The LIA There is a plethora of ‘green’ certification marks available to manufacturers, including B Corp, LEED, EcoVadis, SBTi, Earthly, Cradle-to-Cradle and TM65. Which ones do what, which genuinely help improve your processes and which are about your brand? And what is the balance of cost and benefits? Bob Bohannon, Head of Policy and Sustainability at The LIA gives some wayfinding in a complex landscape.

The environmental metrics demanded by major retailers and developers

Stewart Muir, senior project manager &  Steph Schlipper, Principal Consultant, at Bioregional

Steph & Stewart will explore the evolving expectations of major retailers and local authorities regarding sustainability. He will delve into the specific terminologies and green product criteria that they increasingly demanding, extending beyond mere energy efficiency to encompass lighting quality.

The Journey To Net Zero

Laurie Wood, UK&I sector lead – sustainability, BSI

Laurie will present an enlightening session on the pathway towards achieving net zero, drawing from the comprehensive guidance published by BSI. This presentation will delve into practical steps businesses can take to reduce their carbon footprint, and the importance of transparency and accountability in making credible net zero claims. Laurie will highlight how standards and management systems can support your sustainability goals, showcasing how they can serve as a roadmap for businesses to follow and where external verification and audit can add credibility to a manufacturer’s declarations.

WMG Support around Net Zero and Sustainability for SMEs

Andy Dowling: Head of Business Development & Danny Harrison: Innovation Manager | Energy Innovation Centre, University of Warwick

The Warwick Manufacturing Group (WMG) is an academic department at the University of Warwick, providing research, education and knowledge transfer in engineering, manufacturing and technology.

12:05  |  Q&A


Setting waste in the context of a circular economy

Andy Guest, Membership Services and Quality Manager, The LIA.

This session aims to redefine our perception of waste as an untapped resource. Andy will give an overview of waste reduction strategies, share some success stories, and explore the role of technology in reshaping our approach to waste.

Recycled metals: Supplier case study

Tom Bull & Andy Olde, Wieland Nemco

Wieland Nemco will explore the transformative potential of integrating higher recycled content into the materials procurement process within the lighting industry. This presentation will navigate through the challenges and opportunities that lighting manufacturers face in the quest for sustainability and achieving Net Zero targets.


How to do a solar project on a Lighting factory

Angus Rose, Director, Ineco Energy

With many manufacturers witnessing energy prices rises and looming environmental targets, Solar PV provides a win-win business case. At a high level, we aim to cover off the main stages of a Solar PV project using case study examples of lighting manufacturers and some of the challenges and opportunities they faced along the way.


Supplier Case Study

Mike Smith – Senior Technical Designer, Macfarlane Packaging

Mike will unpack the world of sustainable packaging, revealing the benefits, scope and cutting-edge techniques that not only minimise environmental impact but also contribute to substantial carbon and material savings. This presentation will delve into the crucial role of packaging innovation in driving the manufacturing sector towards a greener future.

Manufacturer Case Study

Catherine Conolly, CEO, Knightsbridge

In this insightful session Catherine will share the company’s proactive steps towards reducing plastic use and incorporating sustainable materials in packaging. The presentation will shed light on the environmental challenges posed by conventional packaging in the lighting industry and how ML Accessories / Knightsbridge is leading by example to address these issues.


Sustainable Logistics Manufacturer Case Study

Andreas Adam, Director, Ledvance

Ledvance has pioneered sustainable transportation of both its luminaires to customers and its intake of raw materials. Here Andreas Adam takes us through the measures the complemented and the demands it has put on its suppliers.


The manufacturer’s perspective

Irene Mazzei, PhD, Sustainability Lead at Stoane Lighting

Stoane Lighting is an employee-owned supplier of architectural lighting equipment based in Edinburgh and a pioneer in sustainable manufacturing. The company examines all its processes to minimise its harm to the environment. Luminaires are made to order; components that cannot be made in house are sourced from local subcontractors; electricity comes from 100% renewable sources; waste is reused or recycled; the use of plastic is being eliminated. Here a company Irene shares the company’s experience and learnings with us.

 Lighting the Way to Net Zero – A Specifiers Perspective

Rebecca Hatch,  Director at WSP in the UK, Head of Lighting & Energy Solutions.

In this presentation Rebecca will explore the specifier’s perspective in consideration of Net Zero credentials in the specification of products and selection of supply partners. Discuss circular economy, energy and carbon savings, materials, renewable energy, product life, decommissioning and best practice.

Panel discussion – commercial imperative or environmental responsibility?

Lucie Sidwell, Global Operations Director at Lucent Lighting
Xander Cadisch, Sustainability Director and CTO at Phos
Gary Thornton, Director at Nulty
Mark Shortland, Managing Director, Shoplight
Rebecca Hatch,  Director at WSP in the UK

Is there a clash between doing the right thing in terms of environmental responsibility and managing a commercially successful lighting business? Does the marketing narrative of sustainability credentials result in commensurate sales and margins? And are programmes such as B Corp worth the cost? Our panellists weigh up the challenges of pioneering low carbon practices in the lighting industry.

 Closing Remarks Nigel Harvey, CEO of Recolight, and Ayca Donaghy, CEO of The LIA,  share their takeaways from the day’s proceedings