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Packaging lights: How to cut its environmental impact

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Changing the way luminaires are packaging could have a dramatic effect on a manufacturer’s environmental impact.

That’s why many leading brands are making the switch to new materials and processes.

Next month’s Net Zero Lighting conference – organised by Recolight and the Lighting Industry Association – includes a special session which takes a deep dive into packaging, and how getting it right can lead to lower carbon and lower costs.

At 2.20pm Mike Smith, senior technical designer at Macfarlane Packaging, will unpack the world of sustainable packaging, revealing the benefits, scope and cutting-edge techniques that not only minimise environmental impact but also contribute to substantial carbon and material savings. This presentation will delve into the crucial role of packaging innovation in driving the manufacturing sector towards a greener future.

At 2.35pm, Catherine Connolly, chief executive officer at Knightsbridge

will share the company’s proactive steps towards reducing plastic use and incorporating sustainable materials in its packaging.

The presentation will shed light on the environmental challenges posed by conventional packaging in the lighting industry and how ML Accessories and Knightsbridge are leading by example to address these issues.

Subtitled ‘lighting manufacturing in a low carbon world’, the Net Zero Lighting Conference 2024, which takes place in London on Thursday 2 May, is a one-day conference and exhibition which brings together a range of experts from both the lighting industry and other sectors to advise on best practice in the journey to ‘net zero’.

How can manufacturers tackle the responsibility of the carbon footprint they generate while making luminaires?

What measures can help them reduce their impact on the climate? What are the priorities, the ‘quick wins’ and real challenges?

How can we cut carbon, energy use and waste without compromising quality or customer service?

These are some of the questions that the organisers are promising to answer. Chaired by Circular Lighting Report editor Ray Molony, it will be opened by Ayça Donaghy, CEO, Lighting Industry Association. Speakers include Nigel Harvey, CEO of Recolight, Irene Mazzei, sustainability lead at Stoane Lighting, Bob Bohannon, head of policy and sustainability at the LIA (pictured), Andreas Adam, head of WEEE at Ledvance and Catherine Connolly, CEO of Knightsbridge.

Taran Rai, corporate sustainability manager at Epson, will share her insights and experience from that company’s net zero journey.

Other topics include low carbon packaging, solar panel installations, logistics, sustainable metrics and accreditations and the use of recycled materials.

A panel discussion will explore the potential conflict between sustainable practice and commercial realities.

The venue is 15Hatfields, on the South Bank near Waterloo, one of London’s most sustainable venues.

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