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Plumen Hive 3D printed

Plumen Hive 3D printed lightLUMINAIRE AND lamp design house Plumen has unveiled a contemporary shade for its iconic lamp that’s 3D printed to order using recycled and repurposed plastic.

The Hive, designed by Luke Deering, is the result of a collaboration with

 Hive is a biomorphic, biodegradable, 3D-printed shade inspired by the natural structure of honeycombs.

The shade works to frame the bulbs, allowing them to shine through and adding to their beauty.

Through the latest 3D-printing technology, Hive is printed in PLA bioplastic that’s 90 per cent recycled plastic and other plant-based resources.

In the end the shade will biodegrade within six months, closing its circle of life completely.

The shades are made with a filament supplied by Amsterdam’s social enterprise Reflow, which recycles and repurposes plastics that would otherwise be sent to landfill or incinerated.

They’re printed to order at’ east London headquarters, significantly lowering the amount of waste produced.

This is designed to close the life cycle of the design so that when they come to the end of their use, they can be recycled with the other domestic plastics, ready to be reinvented once more. was created in 2016 by former architect Julien Vaissieres with the aim of making affordable and eco-friendly products that make the most of 3D printing’s speed and efficiency.

Recently, have worked with five different design studios to create the Plumen Collection, which is inspired by everything from the Bauhaus movement to geometric forms of the Art Deco era.

Deering, who also designs acclaimed furniture and sculptures, was brought in following the success of his bespoke light shade for FIX Coffee.

The Plumen brand has recently changed hands and is in the process of a full relaunch backed by a new Italian owner with experience in the lighting industry.

Plumen Srl will operate as a fully independent entity, with its own marketing, sales and development teams. The current product range has been updated to current ErP standards and production is underway.

Ray Molony

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