Recolight launches integrated WEEE luminaire and lamp compliance service at LuxLive

Recolight, the UK’s WEEE compliance scheme for the lighting industry, will be launching a combined WEEE compliance service for luminaires and lamps at this year’s LuxLive exhibition, to reflect the market and regulatory changes taking place.

Recolight are expanding their compliance offering to reflect the changing market and to increase the national collection rate for luminaires. As lamp and luminaire technologies are converging, luminaires incorporating integrated LED light sources are becoming more commonplace, driving a need for a more integrated approach to waste lamp and luminaire collection. This is even more imperative given that the draft UK WEEE Regulations place luminaires with an integrated LED light source in the same category as lamps.

Recolight is also committed to increasing the luminaire recycling rate. Nigel Harvey, CEO of Recolight, commented, “Recolight’s goal is to work with our members to dramatically improve the WEEE recycling rate for separately collected luminaires. Building on our success in the collection of waste lamps, which now show a collection rate of 39.5%, we will put in place strategies to increase the national recycling rate of separately collected luminaires from its current level of 1%, which is far too low.”

“The integration of lamp and luminaire collections is becoming vital. The supply of new LED luminaires will very frequently result in the need to collect waste luminaires and waste lamps. That service can give our members an important competitive advantage.”

Recolight now offers total WEEE compliance for all producers of lighting products. That includes national on-site free of charge collection of waste lamps and waste luminaires for members’ customers, subject to eligibility.

Recolight Marketing and Communications

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