Responsible WEEE recycling by Recolight

In light of a recent press article about the illegal export of electrical waste, Recolight offer assurance to you that all our waste is collected and treated responsibly within the UK.

  • Recolight use authorised waste treatment plants. Our recycling and logistics operators comply with the relevant statutory requirements.
  • Our purchasing and tendering process specifies the criteria with which potential Operators must conform. These go beyond the minimum requirements laid down in legislation.
  • Regular, comprehensive audits of our contracted operators verify compliance with the relevant UK Regulations and our own criteria.

Using Recolight as your WEEE compliance scheme to dispose of your waste electrical items means you have peace of mind that it’s treated properly. You are contributing to raising the recycling rate for the UK because it is reported correctly. And you can assure your customers too that you’re doing the right thing.

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