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‘Reuse our stand’, exhibitor asks its visitors

Vode stand at Light 22

IN WHAT’S believed to be an industry first, an exhibitor at a lighting industry trade show is asking visitors if they’d like to take parts of its stand home at the end of the event.

California-based Vode Lighting is demonstrating its luminaires at the Light 22 at the Building Design Centre in London next week. But rather than take its custom-built stand back to America at the end of the show or let it end up in waste, it is crowdsourcing homes for it.

It has already found homes for half of its kit.

‘At Light22 in a couple of weeks’ time, we wanted a stand design with stuff that will come back for a second life,’ explains Matilda Tireus, director at Mesh Lighting, a UK distributor for Vode luminaires.

‘We encourage our friends in the industry to give the Ikea cupboards a new home at the end of the show, and 50 per cent has already been adopted.

‘We wanted to move away from single use stands, plastic, laminate, white painted and uneven, flimsy walls, and single use pull ups.

‘The 50 per cent is over our expectation but it also means that there’s still opportunities for others to have some new storage.

‘Our stand is made of the Ikea series Ivar, a traditional male name in Swedish.

The base is built from 500x800mm sold pine wood cupboards with doors. This means no nasty glue or processed wood. Nothing is painted either, which means less work for us and more freedom for you to turn the cupboards into your own style.

The furniture will be given out on a first-come-first-served based. Those wanted some are asked to message Mesh Lighting.

The company is on stand 26, where it will be serving espresso coffees all day and wine from Vode’s native Sonoma from late afternoon.

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Ray Molony

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