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Scottish Parliament passes landmark Circular Economy Bill

Scottish Parliament

The Scottish Parliament has passed its landmark Circular Economy Bill which will give ministers and local authorities north of the border powers to cut waste and drive up recycling and reuse.

Ministers will be able to set local recycling targets as well as set statutory targets for the delivery of a circular economy to measure progress in transforming the economy.

They can alsorestrict the disposal of unsold consumer goods, to prevent good products ending up in landfill, place charges on single-use items like disposable cups to encourage the move to reusable alternatives and give local authorities additional enforcement powers, allowing them to crack down on flytipping and littering..

The measures will be underpinned by support and investment, says the Scottish Government, building on the investments made through the £70 million Recycling Improvement Fund.

Minister for Climate Action Gillian Martin told the press: ‘There are huge opportunities in having an economy which makes reuse and recycling the default choice for Scottish households, businesses and the public sector.

‘We have already seen businesses creating jobs by turning what we might otherwise throw away into valuable new products and services.

‘The measures in the Circular Economy Bill will give local Councils and the Scottish Government the powers needed to support the sustainable use of resources and cut greenhouse gas emissions.

‘For people to do the right thing for the planet, it is crucial that everyone experiences a modern, easy to use waste service.

‘We will continue to work with local authorities and householders to co-design how these powers are implemented to take account of different circumstances and needs on our journey towards a truly circular economy.’

Glasgow-based EGG Lighting described the bill as ‘groundbreaking’ and said it is set to revolutionise how we manage waste, promoting reuse and recycling.

In a statement on social media, the company said: ’We are excited to contribute to Scotland’s journey towards a circular economy. Let’s embrace these changes, innovate, and work together to make Scotland a cleaner place’.

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• Pic courtesy the Scottish Parliament

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