Recolight triumphs at National Recycling Awards

National Recycling Awards NRA

Suzanne Castine, Marketing Manager at Recolight, reflects on the National Recycling Awards 2012.

Recycling & waste management SME business of the year

With the introduction of new categories, this year’s awards promised to be full of high calibre entries. The award for Recycling and Waste Management SME Business of the Year had ten companies on the short list, proving stiff competition.

The recycling and waste management industry has made significant progress over the years, moving recycling from a marginal issue right into the mainstream. The National Recycling Awards recognise excellence in all parts of the waste hierarchy and in all sections of the industry.

Successful entrants have to demonstrate effective strategy, tangible improvement, innovative and creative solutions, and a strong business case.

The Recycling and Waste Management SME Business of the Year was introduced as a new category this year to recognise the vital role that small businesses have to play in recycling and waste management.

The Award celebrates exceptional customer service, market innovation, growth and high performance in the UK, and Recolight was recognised for its education and communication programmes for this ‘difficult’ waste stream.

The Recolight award entry

Our entry highlighted the work we have done to build our network of business collection points, offering free recycling for all business WEEE lamps. Of these over 300 are open for any small business to take their lamps to. All our collection points are supported by a dedicated front office team, on hand to provide compliance, health & safety advice.

In the last two years we have been working hard to make recycling easier for households too. Previously the only place to recycle low energy light bulbs was at the local council household waste recycling centres.

There are about 1000 of these across the UK. Recolight have now added over 800 new ones. We have also been active in promoting these to the local communities, with the help of Bertie Bulb, the Recolight mascot.

The whole team at Recolight are very proud and honoured to have won this award. It is recognition of our achievements since the WEEE Regulations were introduced five years ago and of our commitment to expanding lamp recycling facilities for all.

Suzanne Castine

Marketing Manager, Recolight - - As well as being in charge of effective communication and driving up membership of the Recolight WEEE scheme, Suzanne is chair of the Eucolight Marketing and Communication working group; a platform for sharing best practice with EU member state Producer Compliance Schemes.



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