Change to EEE reporting categories

In January 2019 the UK WEEE Regulations will introduce new producer reporting categories; reducing the current 14 categories down to 6.

The change would affect most UK luminaire producers. All lamps are reported in their own category, so lamp producers are not impacted by the change.


classification of lighting equipment

Recolight publishes advice on classification of lighting equipment as B2B or B2C under the WEEE regulations.

The Government has updated its guidance on how lighting industry Producers should decide if products are classified as Household (B2C), or Non-Household (B2B). Recolight has published advice on how to comply with the changed requirements.

Previously, the approach to classification as B2B or B2C was largely based upon the route to market – broadly speaking, sales through retailers were B2C, and other channels were B2B. That has now changed. Instead, Producers in the lighting industry should now use the nature of the product as the basis for the decision. In essence, products that are designed solely for businesses should be classified as B2B. Those that are designed for consumers or for both businesses and consumers should be classified as B2C.


Dual Use – for a fairer WEEE system

The Government has announced that it intends to implement ‘dual use’ in WEEE recycling.  The key change will be to classify products likely to be used by both businesses and consumers as household. The effect of this change is to further improve the WEEE legislation, requiring a greater proportion of producers to take responsibility for their fair share of WEEE recycling.


Recolight highlights of 2013

2013 was an important year for Recolight and for the lighting industry, which saw the recast of the WEEE Directive and its transposition into law through the revised WEEE Regulations.  I wanted to highlight some of the most exciting developments, which came towards the end of last year.




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