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100-year-old pendants re-used in church project

Murrayfield Parish Church

ONE HUNDRED-YEAR old pendants were reconditioned and converted from sodium to LED at Murrayfield Parish Church in Edinburgh. 

Pendant Murrayfield churchThe reuse of the original fittings – in a lighting design by EFLA Kevan Shaw Lighting Design – serves not only as a circular economy touchstone, but their continued use respected the original architect’s design intent.

The carbon dioxide saving according to CIBSE’s TM65 embodied carbon measure comes to 2,040 Kg.

While churches by nature have relatively short hours of operation particularly in summer when daylight alone is adequate for most services, the designers managed to reduce the connected lighting load by approximately 30 per cent.

Cabling was re-used as far as possible and new runs specified as bare copper MICC to ensure longevity and minimal visual intrusion.

All redundant cable was removed from site and recycled rather than being abandoned in place.

The refurbishment of the pendants and supply of many of the fittings was conducted by Stoane Lighting, whose ReNew programme won a Build Back Better Awards PLATINUM in 2021.

Designers on the project include Kevan Shaw, Sara Tobalina del Val, Caroline Mowat and Jamie Foxen. Key suppliers include Stoane Lighting, Ecosense, a Korrus Company, EXENIA and ModeLightingCo.

The church is a congregation of the Church of Scotland and the first services were conducted in October 1900. It is considered one of the finest ecclesiastical edifices of the 20th century in the Edinburgh district.

The building is cruciform, with pitch pine timbered roof and chancel at the East end. The South transept is a chapel created in 1961

The nave and south transept were designed by A. Hunter Crawford, and the rest of the church is credited to A. Balfour Paul. The style is early decorated gothic. The stone, external and internal, is from Hailes quarry and the dressings round windows from Prudham quarry.

Ray Molony

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