9 out of 10 collection points would recommend Recolight

One of Recolight’s unique features, and a reason we are able to make collecting waste lamps easy and efficient for businesses, is that we have a dedicated network of over 1,000 collection points across the country. Ensuring that we provide the best possible service to the members of this network is very important to us; we have just completed our annual collection point satisfaction survey – and the results are now in!

Endorsements are always a good sign that you are doing something right (remember 8 out of 10 cats?). Well we are pleased to see that 9 out of 10 collection points said that they are very happy with the service we provide and would recommend Recolight to other businesses looking to recycle lamps. We were rated particularly highly for being helpful and easy to get hold of, and the knowledge of our staff even got a special mention.

But it’s not just about making recycling more simple for our collection points. Our open collection points (where other businesses can take waste lamps) have been able to provide valuable recycling services to their own customers, with 95% saying that their customers had benefited from the Recolight collection facility. Nearly half our open collection points said that they had generated new business from being a Recolight collection point.

It is also good to see that our collection points have made a number of recommendations on how we might further enhance our service. We will be reviewing and implementing these over the next three months.

For businesses who want to join the Recolight collection point network, you’ll be pleased to know that we were rated 9 out of 10 for being easy to join…and it is free for eligible companies. 

Recolight Marketing and Communications

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