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Ayca Donaghy ‘A remanufactured product must be every bit as compliant as the original one’

Açya Donaghy, CEO of the Lighting Industry Association, tells Circular Lighting Report editor Ray Molony that “without competence, testing and compliance the growing remanufacturing sector could gain a poor reputation, and that could damage our hopes for growth in the industry.”

“As an association we’re obviously deeply committed to product safety and you can’t be a member of the LIA if you’re not SO 9001 or part of our LIAQA scheme.”

“And it is really important from an LIA perspective that the remanufactured product must be every bit as compliant to the standards as the original one. And I cannot stress the importance of this highly enough.
I think because remanufacturing is such a learning curve for the whole industry and it is relatively new to both most of the business models, I think it’s just making the point of making the same considerations for remanufacturing as you would to new product manufacturing.”

Ray Molony

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