Changes in classification of lighting equipment as B2B or B2C

The Government has now updated its guidance on how Producers should decide if products are classified as Household (B2C),or Non-Household (B2B) under the WEEE regulations.

Recolight has provided further guidance to its members.

The change has implications for lighting producers.

For luminaire producers, some products will fall out of scope of the regulations until 2019.  Indeed a few Producers, those that only make dual use products, could find that they no longer need to comply with the regulations at all.

In the case of LED and gas discharge lamp producers, virtually all lamps should be classified as household.  The exceptions are lamps for stadium lighting, cinema projection, and similar lamps designed specifically and solely for industrial applications.

Products that are classified as household in 2015 will attract a market share obligation in 2016.  That is, the producer will be required to fund their share of the waste lamp collection target.  The Government will publish the lamp target in March 2016.  Costs for Recolight members are included in their usual fees.

The change does make the UK system fairer – all producers of lamps are responsible for their fair share of lamp recycling

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