Choosing the right container for waste lamps, light fittings, batteries and electricals

Recolight offer recycling for lamps, light fittings, electricals, and batteries. We have containers suitable for all. Here’s an overview, see our website pages for more detailed information and container specifications.

Recolight containers for lamps batteries and electricalsContainers for lamps

We offer a selection of containers for lighting covered by the WEEE Regulations.* Lamps must not be mixed with any other type of waste, and they’re fragile, so handle with care and follow the guidance on our website pages for Managing your site.

The RB19 container can hold up to 1000 fluorescent and LED 6′ tubes. It’s net weight when full should be at least 200kg.

It’s not just for tubes though and can be used for all types of fluorescent and LED lamps.

 The RPB container is a standard pallet size. It’s for compact lamps of any type. Both the RPB and RB19 can be stored outside, providing the lids are firmly in place. This is to prevent water entering.

The RC8 and RC6 take up to 100 6′ and 8′ tubes each. They are designed for transporting lamps between sites and  must both be stored indoors.

Refer to Recolight guidance for storing waste lamps

Lighting in scope of the WEEE regulations and collected by Recolight

Containers for batteries

The Battery Drum is UN approved for lithium and is for all small portable batteries.

The Battery Box is for mixed batteries collected by Recolight. Please note, it is not approved for lithium batteries.

Refer to the Recolight guidance for storing and transporting batteries.


Containers for Luminaires

For small volumes of luminaires, Recolight also accept a pallet if the  luminaires are stacked neatly and shrink wrapped.

All lamps and batteries must be removed from the fittings and placed in the appropriate lamps and battery container.recolight skips for light fittings

We offer skips for large re-lamp projects. These are also used for street lighting depots. The size of skip required is evaluated by the Recolight team when you book your job in.

Recolight RPB container for electrical items

Containers for electricals items

Small electrical items can be stored in the RPB container. For larger white goods, Recolight accept goods stored on a pallet and shrink wrapped. All batteries must be removed. Have a look at our pages to see the Electrical waste items collected by Recolight.


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*Xenon lamps are not collected by Recolight, they must be delivered to a Recolight approved recycler. Refer to our guide for handling xenon lamps


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