Consultation summary – Reforming the UK packaging producer responsibility system

The government yesterday issued a summary of their consultation on reforming the UK packaging producer responsibility system.

Question 25 was of particular importance to making the system fairer, as it addressed the large scale problem of non-compliance of online marketplaces.

95% say online marketplaces should be responsible for product sold_ next logical step is to apply to WEEE Regulations__Recolight blog post

Of 586 respondents, a remarkable 95% believe that operators of online marketplaces should take the legal responsibility for the packaging on products for which they facilitate the import, and that this would be effective in capturing more of the packaging that is brought into the UK through eCommerce sales.

At Recolight, we are delighted by the exceptionally strong support expressed for this position.  Making online marketplaces responsible for product sold via their platforms is the right approach for many reasons:

  • It is easier for the environment agencies to monitor the compliance of a small number of organisations, rather than tens of thousands of producers based outside the UK.
  • It is also easier for those non-UK producers.  They have no need to join a UK compliance scheme – instead that administration is handled by their portal.
  • The online marketplaces already have systems that capture a large amount of data regarding sales.  Adding producer responsibility reporting should be a straightforward additional step.
  • Most importantly, it drives a level playing field.

The next logical step is to see the same approach applied to the WEEE regulations.  That cannot happen soon enough for Recolight’s producer members.

View the full summary of responses

LINK > Reforming the UK packaging producer responsibility system: summary of responses and next steps



Nigel Harvey

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