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Designplan cuts packaging by 77%

designplan luminaire packaging

Designplan Lighting says it has managed to reduced its usage of plastic packaging since 2017 by 77 per cent.

The UK-based firm – part of the Fagerhult Group – achieved this through what it terms ‘smart box design’.

Introducing crush zones removes the need for plastic bumpers, whilst offering better protection to the luminaires during transport.

It says it will continue its efforts to eliminate non-biodegradable plastic packaging.

The reduction of plastic in its factory in Sutton, Surrey over the last three years has been a priority of the company.

It worked with its supplier to eliminate plastic in the packaging and replace it with recycled cardboard.

The smart design of the boxes is tailored to its unique light fittings which eliminates damage in transit and the need for bubble wrap.

It has also reduced the volume of outgoing packaging by 19 per cent, thereby reducing its carbon footprint.

This has been done by ensuring the packaging machine is programmed to only make the quantities needed. This avoids waste, which has reduced the number of cardboard deliveries from 66 to 15 annually.

Additionally, by creating protected zones in its packaging Designplan has eliminated 6,000 plastic bags per annum from our supply chain.

The company has also changed its packaging specification significantly in recent years. This means it can reuse some of the incoming packaging to reduce its impact.

It says it is gradually moving away from using plastic bags towards recycled cardboard boxes, which are returned to the supplier monthly and reused for the next supply.

The timber for all its pallets are sourced from FSC approved mills and made from up of 60 per cent recycled materials, the other 40 per cent is FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) approved. Additionally, approximately 250 pallets a year are reused.

Ray Molony

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