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DW Windsor unveils sustainability initiative

DW Windsor Light Responsibly campaign

Leading exterior lighting solutions provider DW Windsor has unveiled an initiative dubbed ‘Light Responsibly’ to support and promote responsible lighting practices.

It aims to provide lighting specifiers with the tools and guidance needed to eliminate light pollution, conserve energy, cut waste and protect biodiversity.

The Hertfordshire-based firm says it consolidates several long-standing principles and underlines its commitment to delivering sustainable lighting.

The initiative outlines five key areas where DW Windsor can assist lighting professionals, helping to educate key stakeholders and support considered lighting designs.

It includes the adoption of precise optics and light shields, warmer colour temperatures, adaptive lighting controls, highly efficient LEDs, and the embracing of circular economy principles.

DW Windsor says that it addresses these areas through its product design, innovative technologies, advanced manufacturing processes and local supply chain. For example, several DW Windsor luminaires are now DarkSky Approved, meaning they don’t pollute the night sky.

Alan Grant, design and development director at DW Windsor, told the Circular Lighting Report: ‘Lighting has a significant impact on our lives and the functions of our urban spaces. When carried out responsibly, in line with best practices, good lighting can enhance the built environment while providing social, environmental, and economic benefits.’

Demonstrating how the initiative integrates more broadly across the industry, DW Windsor’s Light Responsibly strategy aligns with principles set out in the Responsible Outdoor Lighting at Night (ROLAN) Manifesto.

Mitch Waite, senior product manager, added: ‘Light is an essential part of our urban environment, whether ensuring safety and security or supporting the night-time economy.

‘By controlling light effectively, eliminating wasted energy and ensuring light levels and colour temperatures are appropriate, we can improve the well-being of people, protect wildlife and reduce environmental impact.’

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