EucoLight announces webinar on EPR non-compliance through online marketplaces: the state of play


EucoLight, the European Association for Lighting WEEE Compliance Schemes, invites you to join their webinar

EPR non-compliance through online marketplaces: the state of play

on Wednesday 9 March – 10:30 – 13:00 CET


Online free riding is a topic of high concern, well documented by the OECD and the European Commission. Online marketplaces link producers, often based outside the Union, with consumers inside the Union.  Online platforms facilitate the sales in EU Member States of products from sellers that do not always comply with extended producer responsibility obligations and other Union legislation. This can include lack of registration of producers, absence of waste take-back options for consumers, or no fees paid for waste collection and recycling.  This puts compliant market actors at a competitive disadvantage and undermines the Circular Economy.

This webinar is aimed at

  • Producer responsibility organisations,
  • National Authorities, European Institutions,
  • Producers and their associations,
  • and Online Marketplaces.

It will include presentations from five different Member States that are implementing new national requirements to control online non-compliance. Several different approaches are being adopted – the webinar will give an opportunity to compare and contrast the different strategies adopted and the initial results thereof.

It will also summarise initiatives at a European level and solutions for compliance developed by online marketplaces that may tackle the issue.

As Marc Guiraud, Secretary General of EucoLight, points out:

“EucoLight considers it is vital to relentlessly draw attention to this major non-compliance issue. This webinar includes vital information on solutions aimed at improving enforcement of EPR requirements, in particular for products sold online to customers in the EU”.  

Participation is free.
Registration is required for joining the online event.
The complete agenda and the registration form are available on Eucolight website.

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