How to go net zero: A lighting manufacturer’s guide

How to go net zero - A lighting manufacturer’s guide_ Lighting for a Circular Economy_Recolight Webinar REPLAY

A Recolight webinar held on 27 May 2021

How can the lighting industry become Carbon Zero? 
Signify and Sky have done it. Recolight is working on it. Dave Hollingsbee of Stoane Lighting has set up the ReNew programme and is helping start the GreenLight Alliance initiative. Others are planning it. So what must a lighting company do to become carbon zero?

“Achieving net zero is a challenge and doesn’t happen overnight, which is why it’s important to begin to take the first baby steps now. This webinar is a great baby step” Ray Molony

“Sharing what we have learned so far on our Net Zero journey might be a small but helpful step aiding others with similar intentions.” Dave Hollingsbee

Our panel shared their experiences of the net zero journey.
Ray Molony, of Build Back Better Awards introduced and chaired the event
We heard from:

  • Net Zero 2030 Supply Chain
    Bill Skeates, Senior Sustainability & Compliance Manager for Sky
  • Signify’s journey to carbon neutrality – a decade of climate action
    How did the biggest lighting company in the world achieve carbon neutrality?
    Maurice Loosschilder, Head of Sustainability Strategy & Reporting at Signify
  • Carbon, The Circular Economy & Heading for Zero
    Dave Hollingsbee, Managing Director, Stoane Lighting

The event closed with a Q & A session chaired by Ray and joined by Nigel Harvey of Recolight.

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27 May 2021

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  • Ray Molony
    Ray Molony
    Head of content for Build Back Better Award

    An award-winning technical journalist and a highly experienced event organiser, chairperson, webinar host and public speaker.

    Ray Molony is the editor of the Circular Lighting Report, a Recolight initiative to inform the market of developments in sustainability in the industry. He’s also head of content at the Build Back Better Awards, an initiative to celebrate and reward environmental leadership, innovation, creativity and social purpose in the built environment, and the editor of Designing Lighting Global, a magazine for designers. He was co-founder of Lux magazine and the LuxLive exhibition. He’s also the award-winning author of the acclaimed book, Light: Re-Interpreting Architecture (Rotovision, 2014) which was translated into many languages. He studied engineering at Dublin City University.

  • Nigel Harvey
    Nigel Harvey
    Chief Executive at Recolight

    Nigel has worked in the Product Compliance Industry since 1990 in a variety of senior management roles covering marketing, business development, and operational management. Nigel joined Recolight as Chief Executive and Company Secretary in 2009. He is very active in both the lighting and WEEE sectors:
    • Chair of the UK’s WEEE compliance scheme trade association, the WEEE Scheme Forum (WSF) since 2011, and a director of WSF Ltd since 2013.
    • Nominated as a PCS guest to attend meetings of the Joint Trade Association (JTA) which works with producer trade associations including the LIA, to obtain a fair UK WEEE system. Has supported the JTA in the preparation of the proposals to operate the WEEE compliance fee which have been chosen by Defra in 7 of the last 8 years.
    • Elected as a Director of EucoLight, the European trade association for lighting WEEE compliance schemes in 2015. Elected Vice President of EucoLight in 2017.
    • Member of two BSI committees that include the review of WEEE treatment standards, and the development of a code of practice for the remanufacture of lighting equipment.
    Nigel has published over 40 articles on WEEE and lighting over the last four years. He was named the first ever Lux Magazine Person of the year in 2012 and has been listed as one the UK’s 100 most influential people in the waste/resources industry for several years. He is also a climate activist.

  • Maurice Loosschilder
    Maurice Loosschilder
    Head of Sustainability Strategy & Reporting at Signify

    Maurice Loosschilder is the Global Head of Sustainability Strategy and Reporting at Signify. His team has been driving the carbon neutral program and achieved the carbon neutral status for Signify.
    In 2016, Maurice developed and launched Signify’s ‘Brighter Lives, Better World’ and more recently, in September 2020 Signify launched its new program Brighter Lives, Better World 2025. These are strong sustainability programs with ambitious commitments to improve Signify’s positive impact on the environment and society. He is responsible for the execution of these programs and for internal and external reporting on the progress.
    Prior to his current role, Maurice held the position of Director Collection and Recycling and international WEEE board member and several roles in pricing and IT program management.
    Maurice graduated Cum Laude from the Technical University of Eindhoven and holds a MSc degree in Industrial Engineering and Management Science and a BSc degree in Electrical Engineering and started working for Philips Lighting/Signify in 2007.

  • Dave Hollingsbee
    Dave Hollingsbee
    Managing Director, Stoane Lighting

    Dave has been Managing Director of Stoane Lighting since 2012. A designer by training, his fascination with making things led him to Stoane Lighting in 1999 where he quickly grew experience in all corners of the business, assisting its growth to the company it is today. Dave is still heavily involved in projects both at home and around the world, contributing to the ever changing design requirements of their luminaires. Most recently he has been working on Stoane Lighting’s B Corp certification and their push towards adopting the Circular Economy, including setting up the ReNew programme and helping start the GreenLight Alliance initiative.

  • William Skeates
    William Skeates
    Senior Sustainability & Compliance Manager for Sky

    William Skeates is a Sustainability and compliance professional with 20 years experience across industry and the public sector. At the forefront of environmental legislative development leading European policy decision making on circular economy, resource efficiency and modern slavery. Excellent managerial skills empowering expert teams to influence the latest trends in waste to resources, energy management and product chemical compliance. Excellent track record in lifting Companies up to be the benchmark for their industry in sustainability. Leading experience in supply chain management.

    Key Positions

    • Industry Expert for CEN/CENELEC on non-energy requirements for Eco-design 2017
    • Chair of the Complex Set Top Box Voluntary Agreement 2016
    • Chair for Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Standard on Set top boxes 2016
    • Industrial Doctorate External Examiner 2015
    • Represented Samsung at BusinessEurope trade association Environment Meetings
    • Invited by United Nations (UNEP) to contribute to CSR development 2013
    • Voted in as Chair of the Resource Efficiency Cluster group for DigitalEurope 2012
    • Interviewed for UN Climate Change Summit on critical raw materials 2011

    Areas covered: Modern Slavery, Conflict Minerals, Due Diligence, WEEE, RoHS, REACH, Batteries, IPPC, Timber Regs, ErP, EED, CRC, Packaging, Waste, Transhipment, Water, Noise, Air Pollution, Contaminated Land, Hazardous Substances, Oil storage and more.

    Policy Affairs:
    Successful lobbying at all levels relevant to sustainability. Active dialogue with the key groups (NGO, Government, Customers, Industry, Media) that affect business, influencing outcomes.

    Supply Chain Management:
    Audited sites from raw materials through each step of the supply chain to recyclers. Set up tier 2 audit programs supporting suppliers in managing quality, environmental, health & safety and human rights issues in their supply chains.

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