How to go net zero: A lighting manufacturer’s guide to becoming carbon neutral

How to go net zero - A lighting manufacturer’s guide to becoming carbon neutral _ Lighting for a Circular Economy_Recolight Webinar


How can the lighting industry become Carbon Zero? 
We hear what different companies are doing.

Signify has done it. Recolight is working on it. Dave Hollingsbee of Stoane Lighting has set up the ReNew programme and is helping start the GreenLight Alliance initiative. Others are planning it. So what must a lighting company do to become carbon neutral. Our panel will share their experiences of the net zero journey.

How to go net zero - A lighting manufacturer’s guide to becoming carbon neutral _ Lighting for a Circular Economy - Recolight Webinar panelists

The agenda  will be shared as soon as confirmed. Please watch this space.


27 May 2021


11:00 am - 12:30 pm


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  • Dave Hollingsbee
    Dave Hollingsbee
    Managing Director, Stoane Lighting

    Dave has been Managing Director of Stoane Lighting since 2012. A designer by training, his fascination with making things led him to Stoane Lighting in 1999 where he quickly grew experience in all corners of the business, assisting its growth to the company it is today. Dave is still heavily involved in projects both at home and around the world, contributing to the ever changing design requirements of their luminaires. Most recently he has been working on Stoane Lighting’s B Corp certification and their push towards adopting the Circular Economy, including setting up the ReNew programme and helping start the GreenLight Alliance initiative.

  • Maurice Loosschilder
    Maurice Loosschilder
    Head of Sustainability Strategy & Reporting at Signify

    Maurice Loosschilder is the Global Head of Sustainability Strategy and Reporting at Signify. His team has been driving the carbon neutral program and achieved the carbon neutral status for Signify.
    In 2016, Maurice developed and launched Signify’s ‘Brighter Lives, Better World’ and more recently, in September 2020 Signify launched its new program Brighter Lives, Better World 2025. These are strong sustainability programs with ambitious commitments to improve Signify’s positive impact on the environment and society. He is responsible for the execution of these programs and for internal and external reporting on the progress.
    Prior to his current role, Maurice held the position of Director Collection and Recycling and international WEEE board member and several roles in pricing and IT program management.
    Maurice graduated Cum Laude from the Technical University of Eindhoven and holds a MSc degree in Industrial Engineering and Management Science and a BSc degree in Electrical Engineering and started working for Philips Lighting/Signify in 2007.

  • Nigel Harvey
    Nigel Harvey
    Chief Executive at Recolight

    Nigel Harvey joined Recolight as Chief Executive and Company Secretary in 2009. Since he took the helm, Recolight has tripled its producer membership and has now recycled over 1/3 billion waste lamps. A passionate environmentalist, Nigel is very active in both the lighting and WEEE sectors:
    • Chair of the UK’s WEEE Producer Compliance Scheme (PCS) trade association, the WEEE Scheme Forum (WSF) since 2011, and a director of WSF Ltd since 2013.
    • Nominated as a PCS guest to attend meetings of the Joint Trade Association (JTA) which works with producer trade associations including the LIA, to obtain a fair UK WEEE system.
    • Founder director of EucoLight, the European Trade Association for lighting WEEE compliance schemes, and was EucoLight Vice President 2017 – 2019.
    • Member of the BSI committee that reviews WEEE standards.
    • Instrumental in drawing attention to the scale of non-compliant product sold through online marketplaces.
    Nigel has published over 80 articles on both WEEE and lighting over the last five years. He was voted Lux Magazine’s first ever Person of the Year in 2012 and has been named as one the UK’s 100 most influential people in the waste/resources industry every year for the last six years.

  • Ray Molony
    Ray Molony
    Independent consultant, writer, speaker, webinar host and chairperson to the lighting industry

    Ray is an award-winning technical journalist and a highly experienced event organiser, chairperson, webinar host and public speaker.
    He contributes regularly to websites, magazines and corporate websites.
    Ray was one of the co-founders of Revo Media Partners back in 2010, and its managing director. Brands included the highly successful LuxLive exhibition, Lux magazine, Lux Review, the Lux Awards, Lighting magazine, the Lighting Design Awards, LuxLive Middle East and Lightspace California.

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