Innovations in sustainability: Six lights for a circular future


In this webinar we unveil half-a-dozen exemplars of low impact lighting which we believe challenge the current take-make-waste norms of luminaire manufacturing and point to an alternative sustainable future.

These inspiring developments in materials, modularity, upgradability, replaceability, demountability, and reuse point to a future where the lighting industry addresses its responsibilities towards the planet and its climate. They point to an exciting future where luminaires are made from sustainable materials to innovative designs that take into account their environmental impact.

Introduction and industry update from Ray Molony

Tim Bowes MSLL, Head of Lighting Application, Whitecroft Lighting
Cascade Flex Vitality compared with Tegan 2
Shining a circular light on zero carbon. With the Circular Gap Report 2022 highlighting how the circular economy can reduce material consumption by 27% and greenhouse gas emissions by 39% this short presentation will provide a practical example to show how circular design can reduce the embodied carbon emissions of lighting through the life of a building by up to 46%.

Helen Loomes, Innovation Akademie, Trilux
Parelia LED
Lighting that pops | New Trilux office solution made from corn starch
The innovative 3D printed prototype is breaking ground as part of a research programme into new materials.  Polylactic acid, as a synthetic polymer, is an environmentally friendly material which is biodegradable at the end of life.  It is currently being tested under real operating conditions and is looking very promising to set new standards in environmental compatibility.

Murray Ward, Owner of Matt Black
Concept Downlight: Xenomorph
Murray takes a look at what can happen when you start the design process for a downlight luminaire only catering for circular and eco design principles.

Ali Kay, Director and Head of Development at Stoane lighting
The Stoane Lighting ZTA range
Luminaire design and manufacturing for the Circular Economy and lower impact products. The Stoane Lighting ZTA range and their approach to its design for the Circular Economy and reducing environmental impact, in particular embodied carbon. He will be taking a detailed look into the tools/metrics used such as TM65 and TM66, design principals and details and with a view to the future –  how their commitment to a Knowledge Transfer Partnership and in depth Life Cycle Assessment can provide a base for assessment and improvement.

Quico Escude,  Sustainability Leader at Lamp
Stormbell 80
Worktitutde For Life: successes and learnings from a new way of doing. The sustainable approach in a company as a cross-cutting strategy and its impact on the business organisation. Stormbell 80; Implications of the use of new materials, successes and lessons learned from the migration from traditional materials to biological, recycled and non-toxic materials

Dan Heap, Director of danheap
An exterior floor wash luminaire made from 75% recycled materials.

Panel discussion with Q & A, chaired by Ray




28 Apr 2022


Zoom webinar


  • Ray Molony
    Ray Molony
    Head of content for Build Back Better Award

    Ray is an award-winning technical journalist and a highly experienced event organiser, chairperson, webinar host and public speaker.
    He contributes regularly to websites, magazines and corporate websites.
    Ray is head of content for Build Back Better Awards; an exciting new initiative to champion and celebrate innovation in the built environment.
    Ray was one of the co-founders of Revo Media Partners back in 2010, and its managing director. Brands included the highly successful LuxLive exhibition, Lux magazine, Lux Review, the Lux Awards, Lighting magazine, the Lighting Design Awards, LuxLive Middle East and Lightspace California.

  • Murray Ward
    Murray Ward
    Owner of Matt Black

    Murray is a multi award winner who graduated with a first class honours degree in product design from the University of Huddersfield. He considers himself as one of the lucky ones as his profession is also one of his passions!

    Murray founded ‘Matt Black’ in 2021 to offer his expertise, creativity and passion to the lighting industry and with 20+ years of taking products through from concept creation to manufacture and product release for multinational organisations, he has had the pleasure of working on many projects, some small, some large, some simple, some complex, some bread and butter, and some flagship. However, as no two projects are the same this is where his creativity plays a huge role, especially as we now live in a world that rightly expects products to have a ‘green’ backbone.

    English born, Murray now resides near Frankfurt, Germany.

  • Ali Kay
    Ali Kay
    Director and Head of Development at Stoane lighting

    Ali heads up our team of boffins working on new product development, working with new technologies and parts to help us provide technical solutions to the varied briefs we are given. He doesn’t like to be beaten on finding a solution for a project, the answer is almost always “YES, just give me a while to work out how”

  • Helen Loomes FSLL
    Helen Loomes FSLL
    Innovation | Akademie at TRILUX Group

    I am still passionately interested in lighting after having spent most of my working life involved in various aspects of the industry. I am fortunate that part of my job working at TRILUX Lighting allows me to educate others and delve into research – this feeds into the areas that I work on, but ultimately I am a communicator and I enjoy interacting with the many fascinating characters I meet both through my daily work and on the committees that I serve. I have developed a keen interest in how our bodies react to light (commonly known as Human Centric Lighting) which I am expanding through involvement with the SLL, BSI and ISO. I am currently a Vice President and a Fellow of the Society of Light and Lighting where I enjoy stimulation from my peers, learning as much as I can from them. I am excited by the future that this fast moving industry will bring.

  • Tim Bowes MSLL
    Tim Bowes MSLL
    Head of Lighting Application at Whitecroft Lighting

    I work within the technical team at Whitecroft Lighting with my key responsibilities consisting of technical governance, training (internal and external), lighting design policy, and supporting new product development and project work. I have a high level of technical knowledge and a key problem solver.

    During my career I have proven myself to be reliable, honest and hardworking, with over 15 years of experience in both interior and exterior lighting. I am LIA advanced qualified in both indoor and outdoor lighting as well as a BA Hons degree.
    Within my role I am particularly interested in the influence of light on people and our visual, biological and emotional response. Through research and understanding the current trends within the wider built environment, I look to influence lighting design and share knowledge within Whitecroft Lighting and the wider lighting industry.

  • Dan Heap
    Dan Heap
    Director at danheap

    Danheap is a lighting design consultancy run by Dan and his wife Kate. Started in 2005 following a move to the south of France, the business has a broad range of interior and exterior projects and a range of custom products developed over the last 15 years. Most recently they have designed a range of luminaires using recycled and sustainable materials. Launched under the name of Urbanlicht, this range of luminaires is both exciting in terms of their form and the breadth of materials used.

  • Quico Escude
    Quico Escude
    Sustainability Leader at Lamp
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