evolution of LEDs in EEE & WEEE


Introduction of EU WEEE Directive


Directive transposed into UK WEEE Regulations – It was all about fluorescent lamps


Integrated LED luminaires start to appear-  retail sector and hospitality early adopters


LEDs included in scope of recast WEEE directive


LED is a huge lighting industry success story:  Start of mass change over to LED street lighting, and LED in other sectors.

LEDs in waste stream estimated at 0.1%

Market widens with influx of new LED producers


EucoLight began research into components of LEDs and how this could affect recycling targets

EucoLight members start working with recyclers to find better separation & treatment methods

Concerns over online LED producer freeriders EucoLight & members begin to take action


More work needed to separate LEDs and GDLs – further Research initiated

EucoLight data shows that LED recycling has some challenges due to the diversity of materials used, and product designs

Co collection of LEDs with GDLs – EucoLight survey reveals that end users struggle to differentiate between GDL & LED.

EucoLight host online freeriding forum with WEEE Forum & Expra, focused on non-compliant LED sales

The EU Circular Economy Package recommends standards on recyclability of products

2018 & BEYOND

LEDs in waste stream estimated at 1-2% in 2018.

EucoLight research


  • identify efficient sorting and recycling technologies and any
  • potential challenges in LED strategic material recovery

EucoLight are running several projects to look for solutions to the LED recycling challenge.

Bringing together Europe’s leading WEEE schemes specialised in the lighting sector, EucoLight is ideally placed to tackle this.

how we recycle

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