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Focus Lighting introduces ‘take back’ plan for its luminaires

Focus Lighting take back service

LEADING Danish architectural lighting brand Focus Lighting has become the latest manufacturer to offer a take-back services for its luminaires.

It says that from now on it will assume responsibility for servicing its products for 25 years. If a fixture is taken out of service, Focus Lighting will take responsibility for taking it back and reusing it ‘in the best possible way’.

This will be by either by reusing its parts in a brand new fittings, recycling the materials or producing ‘second life’ fittings .

‘We have always designed our products based on a modular design philosophy based on the fact that future technology can be used in old fittings,’ director and owner Peter Olivarius told the Circular Lighting Report.

‘It’s the entire basis for our take back concept to work in practice, not least because we have been doing it for almost 50 years.

‘We have created the initiative to support the circular economy and thus ensure the best opportunities for recycling our products.

]We do it because we can and because we want to support the best form of circular economy.

‘We have a sustainable design philosophy, which in its simplicity ensures that our fixtures have a long life. Already in the design and construction phase, we prepare for the possibility of repair, replacement of wearing parts or upgrading to new technology.’

Fixtures are taken back to its factory north of Copenhagen for repairs when these cannot be done on site. But the company emphasises that the primary purpose of the scheme is the authorised renovation of older fittings, which with new components get a new life and a renewed warranty period and CE marking.

Focus Lighting  was founded in 1975 and is strong in outdoor fixtures, especially the road and pathway markets. It has some 250,000 luminaires in both Danish and European local authority regions.
The company supplied the special luminaires to the so-called ‘bat superhighway’, winner of a Build Back Better Award in 2022.

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Ray Molony

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