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French firm unveils ‘technical’ luminaires made from waste wood

Wood 600x600 modular

A French company has begun manufacturing what it terms ‘technical luminaires’ made from waste wood.

Kraken Lighting, based near Nantes, uses reclaimed windows and doors to make light fittings such as 600×600 ceilings luminaires.

The founders say the business is based on their ecological, social and societal convictions, but there is a commercial motive as the use of reused wood is a rare differentiator in a crowded commercial lighting market.

Kraken co-founder Nicolas Forget says the company designs its products so that they are repairable and can be partially or fully assembled by disabled workers.

The company originally used regular timber but were encouraged by the French waste agency, ADEME,  to develop the products based on waste wood that would otherwise be buried or incinerated.

‘In our creative process, we always keep in mind the consistency, aesthetics and lighting quality of our products,’ says Forget, ‘but we take care to simplify and optimise our manufacturing.

‘Our lights can be assembled by anyone, and an easy-to-assemble product is also an easy-to-repair product.’

Forget describes the process as a ‘cradle to cradle’ approach. The luminaires are not exported from France as Forget says this would be contrary to company’s philosophy. Instead it hopes to partner with local firms who can use local wood species. ‘This isn’t a difficult industry to replicate,’ Forget told the Circular Lighting Report, ‘and it would be in line with our approach.’

Pictured above is an installation of 600×600 luminaires in the office of multidisciplinary consultancy GEFI Engineering on the outskirts of Nantes. Kraken Lighting supplied 22 of its K’DAL luminaires and 15 of its K’DOW downlights, both in natural oak.

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Ray Molony

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