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Green plastics hit the lighting industry

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A RANGE of plastics for lighting applications made from renewable materials has been unveiled.

German components supplier Elkamet used the Light + Building exhibition in Frankfurt to launch what it terms its most sustainable series of products yet for the sector.

The family includes a polycarbonate replacement manufacturer from used fats and oils from the food industry. Makrolon RE, from German polymer giant Covestros, is ISCC certified according to the mass- balancing principle and is aid to retain the familiar properties of polycarbonate without restriction.

Also part of the range, is TrueCircle Polycarbonate, which uses a waste product from the wood industry as its raw material. It can contain up to 59 per cent of pine oil and again, is said to retains the known properties of polycarbonate with no restrictions.

Elkamet is also marketing a chemical called cellulose acetate butyrate, or CAB, which consists of 45 per cent cellulose, a renewable raw material from plants. The firm says it has excellent visual properties which are complemented by a good stability. CAB is therefore particularly well suited for use in luminaires for challenging environments.

Durabio is based on sorbitol, which is used as a natural raw material in countless products, not least in the food industry. It combines the positive properties of polycarbonate and PMMA. It is said to have excellent impact strength and UV resistance, but is also insensitive to scratches. For the lighting industry, its attraction is that is has very good light transmission.

Also in the range is Die PA Type Vestamid Terra, which uses 100 per cent castor oil in its production. In addition to flame-retardant variants, glass fibres can be added to the material, improving its impact resistance. PA is also extremely heat-resistant.

Finally, the company also supplies regranulates made from recycled plastic waste. The waste from its production is processed and is used again to produce granulate form.

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